How to download ghostsctipt/ghostview, which you need for printing postcript documents:

This handout is for WINDOWS95 users only. Students with any older Windows-version need to download different files at

STEP1: Download these five files to your computer, put them in any temporary (for example c:\ghost) folder - you can delete these .zip files later on.

STEP2: Unzip the fifth file (double click on it). Don't know how to unzip? -Continue here!

STEP3: If you use 'WinZip', you will end up with the installation procedure automatically. Otherwise run install.exe, which is contained in the last .zip file. You do not have to unzip the first four files, ghostview will do that during installation.

STEP4: During installation, the message "can't find file" will appear. several times (x as a abbreviation for the name of the file that is not found). Change the path from c:\\windows\temp\install\ to the directory you used in Step1 (in my example c:\ghost) in the lower part of the message window.

STEP5: Ghostview might not recognize the location of your ghostcipt drivers right away. Open ghostview and go to Options - Configure ghostview and enter the correct path.

STEP6: DONE! In future, you will be able to read and print postscript- files with your computer. Well done!

If you have any questions, let me know by email or post it on the newsgroup.

For those of you that are in the new section (TTH): See you in class!