Provost's Fellows - 2012
Published on September 7, 2012

Over the years, a number of University at Albany tenured academic faculty members have expressed interest in exploring the possibility of augmenting or broadening their research and scholarly activities with administrative and leadership responsibilities. In an effort to grow leadership capabilities at UA and to respond to these kinds of requests for growth and creative uses of faculty expertise, the Provost’s Fellows Program has been established.

The 2012 - 2013 Provost’s Fellows include:

Mary Gallant

Mary Gallant, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior, who joins the Provost’s Office as Provost’s Fellow for Promotion and Tenure Issues. She will be working closely with Provost’s Office staff, and with promotion and tenure committees at all levels — in departments, at the college and school level and with the CPCA, to develop clearer language around expectations for tenure and promotion, to clarify policies and procedures for submission of effective dossiers for tenure and promotion, and to develop policies for exceptional situations not described in current tenure and promotion guidelines.

Lani Jones

Lani Jones, Associate Professor in Social Welfare, joins the Provost’s Office as Provost’s Fellow for Faculty Development & Recruitment in January 2013. She will design new faculty development opportunities intended to ensure a sense of community among and between faculty, and a greater sense of faculty satisfaction. She will pay specific attention to issues relevant to retention of and community building for faculty of color. This Fellowship is a collaborative effort between the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Provost’s Office, and builds on efforts already begun through ODI.

Kevin Kinser

Kevin Kinser, Associate Professor in the department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies who joins the Provost’s Office as Provost’s Fellow for Internationalization Collaborations and Initiatives. He will be working closely with the Office for International Education to take stock of the University at Albany's international and activities, determine its relative strengths and weaknesses on this front, and draft recommendations for moving forward strategically with international collaborations