University at Albany

Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Review


For any academic institution, the faculty is the foundation of excellence in scholarship and learning. Faculty contributions and accomplishments in scholarship, teaching, and service are the vital components of a research university’s success in advancing its mission. The University at Albany is committed to providing an academic climate that supports and facilitates faculty excellence in all three areas.

The University at Albany values excellence in scholarly inquiry and discovery, and embraces quality scholarship in its many diverse forms. The university recognizes that scholarly inquiry in any discipline is not static, and supports new and evolving forms of scholarship. In addition, inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary scholarship are valued as part of our academic enterprise.

The University at Albany also values excellence in teaching and mentoring, and recognizes that educating future global citizens and mentoring future scholars is a fundamental function of a research university. Teaching is a specialized form of scholarly leadership that aims to disseminate disciplinary knowledge and new discoveries by engaging students in the thinking of the disciplines so they can observe, judge, act upon, create, and manage a body of changing information in sophisticated ways.

Finally, the University at Albany values excellence in service to the institution, to the community, and to our professions. We seek not only to be engaged in advancing the mission of our own institution and our professions and disciplines, but also to be fully engaged with our local communities and communities around the world to further their well-being and success.
The concept of tenure is a fundamental basis of our university’s commitment to these values of excellence and to the underlying value of academic freedom. A strong tenure and promotion system is a crucial aspect of an academic climate that fosters an outstanding faculty, and thus plays an important role in ensuring the strength of the foundation upon which the success of the university depends.

Tenure and promotion decisions are among the most important decisions made at the University at Albany, and the university is committed to a clear and transparent tenure and promotion process. Decisions will be impartial, thorough, and based on clearly articulated expectations. Tenure is awarded based on the accomplishments and contributions of a faculty candidate in scholarship, teaching, and service, and on the potential of the candidate to make continued, further contributions in these areas. Thus, tenure is the university’s investment in a faculty member’s future as an influential scholar, effective teacher, and engaged institutional and academic citizen. Tenured faculty members, in turn, have an obligation to continue and advance their pursuit of excellence in scholarly inquiry, in education, and in service to the university’s mission. The University takes pride in faculty members continuing their trajectory to the rank of full professor, indicating that they have achieved national and international prominence.