University at Albany

Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Review

Role and Responsibility of Individual Charged with Assembling the File

The following roles and responsibilities apply to anyone who has been charged with assembling the file itself.  This varies by department; in some departments it is the administrative manager or assistant to Chair, while in other departments it is the department Chair, an ad hoc faculty committee, a designated reviewer, or the candidate’s faculty mentor. Regardless, during the review process, the person/committee charged with assembling the actual file during the review process must:

  • Coordinate the logistics of assembling the actual elements of the file (as outlined in “Instructions for the Preparation of the File” section) and preparing an entirely electronic copy (as outlined in Appendix D).
  • Keep the Document Register up-to-date.
  • Serve as the department custodial officer in charge of coordinating the viewing of the file by the candidate and ensure that the confidential material in the file is removed when the candidate views the file. 
  • Oversee the viewing of the file by other faculty members who will vote on the case, and ensure that no other party views the dossier in the process.
  • Coordinate the request and receipt of solicited letters, ensuring that procedures related to documenting the confidential and non-confidential nature of the letters are followed.
Ensure that there is a clear process for collecting and documenting the departmental vote, including the reasons given for positive and negative evaluations of the candidate’s file.