University at Albany

Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Review

Department Chair Role and Responsibility

The department Chair has the following roles and responsibilities in preparation for and during the review process:

  • Ensure that the candidate has a copy of these administrative procedures.
  • Ensure that the candidate is made aware of the disciplinary and departmental expectations for promotion and tenure with respect to research, teaching and service.
  • Inform the Dean and the Office of the Provost -- before preparation of the file -- of the candidate's name and nature of the personnel action in cases of reconsideration, promotion, early consideration for tenure, and where applicable, for a new faculty member.
  • Ensure that the file includes all required elements, and that these are included and presented in an organized and clear fashion in the order outlined in the section called “Contents of the File.”
  • Prepare the Chair’s letter as outlined here. Please also see the Guidance for Writing a Chair’s letter.
  • Ensure that the file contains information about relevant disciplinary norms and expectations. This information should be contained in the Chair’s letter. The department’s written guidelines outlining expectations should also be included in the file.
  • Ensure that the Chair’s letter consists of an independent review of the evidence in the dossier; it should not serve as the major source of evidence in a dossier.
Ensure that the candidate is given an opportunity to review the contents of the file, with the exception of the confidential solicited letters, and add a response if desired, before the subsequent level of review.