University at Albany

Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Review

Candidate Role and Responsibility

The candidate has the right to view the non-confidential materials in the file in accordance with University policy and with Article 31 of the UUP’s Agreement between United University Professions and the State of New York. (See “Access to File by Candidate” section on p. 32 for further details.)

In preparation for and during the review process, the candidate should:

  • Prepare certain required elements of the tenure file (CV, statements, etc.), as outlined in the “Instructions for the Preparation of the File” section.
  • Add updated material to the file at any time during the review process (e.g., updating the status of manuscripts, articles as they appear in print, teaching evaluations, etc.).  (See “Adding Materials to the File” section.)
  • Inform the department of any individuals who should not be selected as external reviewers for reasons such as conflict of interest, close relationship, history of conflict with candidate, and disciplinary controversies. (see section about candidate’s role in selecting external reviewers.)
  • Provide the department with the names and contact information of individuals who would be appropriate for the committee to consider as it solicits letters of evaluation for teaching and service, and for documentation of co-authorship contributions. (Click [here], [here] and [here] for additional details.)