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University at Albany Policy Statement on Sabbatical Leaves

SUNY Policies provide for sabbatical leaves for the professional development of faculty and professional staff (Article XIII, Title E, Policies of the Board of Trustees). These policies are reaffirmed in the applicable Agreement between the State of New York and the United University Professions, Inc. (Article 23.6, 1995-1999 Agreement). Copies of both these documents are incorporated into this Policy Statement as appendices.

To assist course scheduling, professional scheduling, and other academic planning objectives, it is in the University's interest to establish institutional procedures for the application, review, and approval of individual requests for sabbatical leaves within the broad parameters established by SUNY Policies and the applicable Agreement. This Policy Statement sets forth those institutional procedures for the University at Albany.

  1. Eligible employees may apply to the Campus President for sabbatical leave through their applicable Department Chair, Dean, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  2. To assist planning for both faculty members and the institution, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit proposals for sabbatical leaves to their immediate supervisor (typically the Department Chair or in some cases the Dean) as far in advance as possible, and in any event not later than October 15th for proposed leaves in the following academic year. As a result of the review and approval process, proposals initiated after October 15th will be less likely to be approved unless they relate to an unanticipated contingency — e.g., an unexpected prestigious fellowship, an unusual research result that requires more immediate follow-up.
  3. A complete application for sabbatical leave consists of the following: (a) a sabbatical leave request form (HRM-3); (b) a one or two-page statement of the activities to be conducted during the leave period, including a description of the outcomes of the proposed activities as well as their importance to the University's educational program and the applicant's professional development; (c) a statement identifying any proposed income other than salary from the campus while on leave; (d) a statement acknowledging an obligation to return to the University at Albany for a minimum of one year at the conclusion of the leave; (e) a copy of the applicant's current curriculum vitae; and (f) where applicable, a copy of the report following the applicant's last sabbatical leave and/or other statements describing the value of the last leave. Supporting materials — e.g., copies of invitations from host institutions for a period of residency, other letters of support — may also be attached as appendices. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.
  4. Applications will be reviewed by the applicant's immediate supervisor, who will provide a written statement recommending or not recommending the proposed leave. The immediate supervisor (normally a Department Chair or Dean) may ask for additional information and/or consult with others in evaluating the request. The immediate supervisor's recommendation must address the impact of the leave on the applicant's department or program — i.e., describe how the leave will benefit the institution. It will normally be expected that one-semester leaves will be recommended on a load absorbed basis.
  5. Applications will subsequently be submitted for review and endorsement to the applicant's Dean. All applications will subsequently be sent to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will forward the application with his/her recommendation to the President. If the Dean and/or the Provost decline to endorse the proposal, the application form and supporting materials will also be forwarded to the President with a statement indicating the reasons for not recommending the leave; in such cases, a copy of the Dean and/or Provost's statement will be transmitted to the applicant.
  6. The President will send the applicant a written notification of approval or disapproval of the sabbatical leave request. Normally notification will be provided by December 1st.
  7. Changes in approved sabbatical leave plans must be promptly communicated to the Provost through the applicable Department Chair and Dean.
  8. As required by Trustees Policies, the faculty member must submit an activity report as soon as possible following the leave, and no later than the end of the first full semester after return from the leave.

Appendix I:Article XIII, Title E., Sabbatical Leave, Policies of the Board of Trustees
Appendix II:Article 23.6, Sabbatical Leave, 1995–1999 Agreement between the State of New York and United University Professions

Office of Academic Affairs
March 5, 1999

Updated: January 7, 2013