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Handbook for Departments on Engaging Teaching Intensive Faculty



This Handbook is designed to help departments engage part-time and full-time teaching- intensive faculty in departmental missions, and connect them more closely to the intellectual and practical life of their department. It was developed by the Faculty and Instructional Development Strategic Planning Implementation Working Group1, which drew on data from a survey of UAlbany departments, a survey of part-time and full-time teaching intensive faculty, 29 interviews with part-time faculty, and national surveys and research on best practices for orienting, integrating, mentoring and evaluating such faculty.

Why work to find new ways to orient and engage teaching-intensive faculty? Mentoring of students both inside and outside the classroom is enhanced by providing all faculty members with a sense of common purpose; an understanding of the resources available to them and to their students; a clear view of how the department’s programs and curricula fit together; and a welcoming climate. The aim of better integration of such faculty is to ensure the highest quality student experience in any department.

This handbook is divided into three sections Orientation [ pdf icon ], Engagement [ pdf icon ], and Evaluation [ pdf icon ] of part-time and full-time teaching-intensive faculty.

1 The Faculty and Instructional Development Working Group was charged with addressing the questions that arose in the Strategic Plan specific to part-time faculty and their particular contribution to the University’s undergraduate teaching mission. This Handbook addresses both undergraduate and graduate levels.

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