University at Albany

Unique Academic Opportunities

Classroom learning at UAlbany is supported by a wide range of programs that enhance and enrich your education—whether you're looking to broaden your worldview or just need some help adjusting to college life.

For undergraduates, our Honors College offers challenging coursework, opportunities for original research, and engaging programs that stimulate a community of especially motivated, developing scholars. Our Study Abroad programs will immerse you in a new culture in China, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, or another country. And our special degree programs give you the opportunity to graduate with both a bachelor's and a master's degree on an accelerated path.

A wide range of combined-degree programs allow you to earn two advanced degrees simultaneously. Options include the MBA/JD degree in partnership with Albany Law School, the MPA/JD program, and the MD/MPH degree in partnership with Albany Medical College.

Junior and senior high-school students can take college-level courses from 23 academic departments through the University's precollegiate programs.