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List of Funded Projects


Fall 2013 -- Round 1
For Spring 2014


Courses Developed

CAS – Math

Development and delivery of online version of MAT 108 (Introduction to Statistics)

AMAT 108

Computing and Information

Development and delivery of online version of four  core courses in master of information studies

IIST601, IIST602, IIST533, and IIST571

Criminal Justice

Develop and delivery of online version four core undergraduate and graduate courses

  • CRJ592
  • CRJ203
  • “Policing Terrorism”
  • 351 and 399 (POP)
  • CRJ282

Public Health

Enhancement to two existing  online courses to support synchronous interaction and community

2 existing online classes were enhanced with Adobe Connect:

  • SPH 687 
  • SPH 569

Adobe Connect was used to support “live” recording and presentation of student projects, and to support interviews that were presented in class.


Development and delivery of online version of four undergraduate courses  over two years

Develop a “POS 102 Introduction to Comparative and International Politics” in three formats (face-to-face (19 students), blended (15 students) and online (24 students)).  The

Create online methods course (RPOS/RPAD 316 Methodological Tools for Public Policy) for undergraduates.

Develop flipped classroom:
 “POS 102 Introduction to Comparative and International Politics” 

 “POS 101 Introduction to American Politics Course”

“The Management of Inter-Organizational Collaborations and Partnerships”

Create new blended/online course entitled “Homeland Security in Comparative and International Perspective.” 

Social Welfare

Development and delivery of online version of three core courses in the BSW program (revised to hybrid)

RSSW 210 (Social Welfare in the United States)
RSSW 322 (Introductory Research Methods in Social Welfare)

SSW 306 (Social Work Practice II)

University Libraries

Development of information literacy “badge” to meet undergraduate Gen Ed requirement



Spring 2014 Round 2
For 2014-15 Academic Year


Courses Developed


Development and delivery of four courses in the Digital Forensics curriculum
Video support and Coursera fee for MOOC in International Issues in Information Security
Audience: U.S. / Russia students and working professionals in information security

BFOR 410/610 – International Cyber Conflicts
BFOR 412/612 – SCADA Forensics
BFOR 413/613 – Multimedia Forensics
MOOC – Funds have been committed to HVCC
Cyber Intelligence Track – Funds have been committed to develop the course and teach the course to two instructors

Project rolled over to 2015
CAS Communications

Development of online version of undergraduate course in social media

Development of hybrid version of 2 graduate courses in communications

Undergraduate course:  COM378 Social Media: Theory and Practice
Graduate courses -- blended format:
 COM 670 Health Literacy: Patients, Organizations, and Societies
 COM659 New Media and Engagement

Project continued into 2015

CAS Atmospheric Science

Development of online version of six undergraduate general education courses in atmospheric science and environmental science, and geology (over three years)

  • ATM 103 (Introduction to Climate Change 
  • ATM 200 (Natural Disasters
  • ENV 250 (Sustainable Development: Energy and Resources)

College of Computing and Information and ITLAL and FTR

“Teach 22” proposal to support coaching and innovation in development of courses for BS undergraduate degree (over two years)

  • Published  Spring 2015 ITLAL Newsletter: “The State of Online Learning at UA”, and interview with Peter Shea
  • Researched, designed, launched TeachOnline Website Spring2015 (FTR collaboration effort)
  • Approved as an Open SUNY Fellow in the "Expert Instructional Designer" role.
  • Teach22 Design Coach co-facilitated Fall2014 & Spring2015 TBL Academy with ITLAL staff
  • Analyzed OTL survey results and suggested tasks to complete
  • Contacted OTL project leaders; conducted consultations when requested
  • Discussion with UA Library and their role in OTL; TeachOnline website role
  • Developed and conducted “Creating Effective Student Interactions in the Online Environment” Workshop (FTR collaboration effort)
  • Faculty OTL & Community Website Design – researched, designed; (FTR collaboration effort)
  • Online TBL Faculty resources and brownbag; (FTR collaboration effort)
  • Created online versions of  ITLAL midterm surveys for use in fully online courses
  • Teach22 GA collaborated with ITLAL staff to produce 3-minute video online unit (“What does a 3-minute video look like?”; aimed at faculty)

Criminal Justice

Development and delivery of four additional undergraduate courses


Education – Educational Administration and Policy Studies

Conversion of EAPS 600 course to hybrid/low residency course

EAPS 600

Public Health

Continue use of Adobe Connect to meet increased demand and support larger enrollment in existing on line courses

  • Offered enlarged online courses in
  • HPM 500 Health Care Organization, Delivery and Financing; Course enrollment: 40
  • HPM 525 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Health: Course enrollment; Course enrollment: 48
  • STA 552 Principles of Statistical Inference; Course enrollment: 45 (as of 1/23/15)
  • EPI 501 Principles and Methods of Epidemiology; Course enrollment: 49 (as of 1/23/15)

Rockefeller – Center for Non-Profit Management

Development of MOOC  in Non-Profit Management for delivery on Coursera

Online Coursera:
Onsite UAlbany RPAD 607, Nonprofit Governance

Both started January 26, 2015

Social Welfare

Continuing development of two advanced clinical courses in the BSW curriculum as hybrids (now a SUNY high needs program)

RSSW 304, Social Work Practice I
RSSW 401, Integrative Field Seminar

Provost Office

Support and management of development and delivery of Online General Education courses needed by the  BSIT (over five years)

2015-16 courses;
UUNI 110                
AMAT 108
AMAT  104
ASOC 115
CLC 134


Awarded Spring 2015 Round 3
For  2015-16 Academic Year



School of Criminal Justice

Additional undergraduate course in Crime Mapping

Fall 2017 – CRJ493 – Crime mapping

Department of Communication /College of Arts and Sciences

Development of three upper level undergraduate courses enrolling 45 students  (also meet General Education Challenges category)

three upper level undergraduate courses
COM 375 development
COM 388 development

Department of Women's Studies/CAS

Development of two courses as pilot toward possible fully online degree

A WSS 240 – Spring 2016 – with 39 students enrolled.

AWSS 260 (History of US Women and Social Change), was originally going to be taught by me in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017. Due to unexpected personnel changes in the WGS department, I may not be able to offer AWSS 260 in 2016-2017. It most likely will be offered in Fall 2017.

Department of Psychology/CAS

Subscribe to Proctor U for APSY 380 course  to pilot online proctoring

1) Online Course including Online Proctoring was completed Summer, 2015
2) Data from midterm and end of the year course evaluations was compiled and results were analyzed in preparation for presentation to SUNY faculty and staff (James Broussard)
3) Outcomes were presented for the November, 2015 OPEN SUNY COTE Community Call (recording of presentation available online)

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Continued Spring 2015 – ATM 103 (enrollment 25)
Fall 2015 – ATM 103 (enrollment 50/60)
Spring 2016 – ATM 103 (enrollment 86), ATM 200 (enrollment 25)
Fall 2016 – ATM 103 (to date, enrollment 159/200),  ATM 107 (to date, enrollment  68/80), ENV 250 (to date, enrollment 21/25)
Spring 2017 – ATM 103, ATM 200

Department of Information Studies/College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Phase 2 of course development for Master in Information Studies core course and Information Systems and Technology and School Library Media Specialist track courses 

Course   Semester     Actual Enr     Previous F-2F Enr
IST 523   Fall 2015              23           4
IST 538   Fall 2015              20           6
IST 603   Spring 2016          13           11
IST 636   Spring 2016          16           18
IST 578   Spring 2016          15           10
IST 561   Spring 2016          24           11
IST 608   Spring 2016          24           14
IST 675   Spring 2016          8              9
IST 676   Spring 2016          8              9
IST 666   Spring 2016          18           N/A
TOTAL                           169 (-18=151) 92

School of Education

Development of Advanced Certificate in TESOL Online (15 credits)

5 courses
ETAP 550 and ETAP631
ETAP 501 
Consulting, advising on course development

School of Education

Development of  an Infrastructure for Online Learning Research, Professional Development, and Evaluation

Alternative environment in Moodle developed – in use for professional development with School of Education and Using it for the Institute for Health and the Environment / WHO Collaborating Center in Environmental Health. They just went live with students. They have 105 users
For the other Moodle instance,, we’re running ETAP student development courses through it for ETAP 639, 640 and one of your courses – 683.
The School of Social Welfare is running a professional development workshop on it – Restorative Integral Support (RIS) for Post-Trauma Wellness: Responding to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Across the Lifespan. They’re charging $125 or $150 per student.

In total, there are now 188 active users in the new MOODLE PD environment

School of Public Health

Development of four credit-bearing  courses to assist students in preparing for  Certified Health Education Specialist Exam (CHES) and to create second concentration for MPH

4 courses

  • Identified 4 courses to augment the online course offerings (HHPM 514, HHPM 535, HHPM 619, HHPM 669)
  • Hired course developers for each course (4)
  • Provided developers with BlackBoard course development shells
  • Established timetable for deliverables
  • Courses are currently in development
  • Hired Student Assistant

Rockefeller College

Development of Online Curriculum for the  Graduate Certificate for International Health and Human Rights

  • RPOS 568/RPAD 568 Foundations of Human Rights will be offered Spring 2017 and the expected enrollment is 7
  • ANT 670 Seminar on Ethnology will be offered in Fall 2016 and the expected enrollment is 10
  • HPM 620 Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations will be offered in Fall 2016 and the expected enrollment is 20
  • PAD 653/ HHPM 651 Public Health Politics and Policy: Global and Domestic Perspectives will be offered Fall 2016 (if Dr. Fox is able to deliver it based on department needs) and the expected enrollment is 10______

Intensive English Language Program, Office of International Education

Development of three courses in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP, OIE)

3 courses

Completion of English for Academic Purposes (undergraduate & graduate) and English for Instructional Purposes (international teaching assistants) Summer 2016

School of Social Welfare

Development of online module for RSSW 731 Homelessness that will also serve as the first online continuing education program

RSSW 731 Homelessness

Awarded Spring 2016 Round 4
For  2016-17 Academic Year




  • BUS ITM ITM624 and Executive MBA ITM 522
  • BUS Management Fogelman BMgt341 - Behavioral Foundations of Management
  • CAS Anthropology        
  • AANt 340 Conceptualizing Power Anthropological Visions
  • CAS  Communications COM 560 Health Communication
  • CAS LLC Spanish 409 (Spanish for Community Engagement
  • CAS Physics Contemporary Astronomy (APHY 100). Topic: Astronomy for Non-Science Majors
  • CAS Psychology APSY 380 Learning
  • CCI Informatics various faculty   Nine courses
  • SPH EHS Applied Epidemiology
  • SSW MSW Homelessness: Prevention & Intervention



Develop 4 courses toward master's degree MA in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (under development) as well as the existing Graduate Certificate in Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity



Platform for IELP and 1 MOOC to be offered in Arabic



Develop 5 courses toward a fully online Master of Arts in International Education Management (MIEM)



Collaborative Online Teaching and Learning Resource –  Continue operational overlap between ITLAL and ITS, through a shared position and continue “Design Coach” position (within ITLAL and ITS).



Develop 4-6 additional courses for Online Master's degree



Adobe Connect Renewal and videoconferencing
Development of HEHS 607: Global Environmental Health and Policy - online


ETAP – Ph.D.

Develop 6 courses toward a fully online PhD in curriculum and instruction



Develop course, “Civic Engagement and Literacy” to strengthen educators’ knowledge and skills for fostering their own pupils’ civic engagement and literacy.  The recently revised New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework emphasizes civic learning, Offering this course online will attract non-degree students from around the state whose work requires them to meet these new standards. We are planning to collaborate with two large elementary schools in the Bronx that will be partially funding their teachers’ enrollment in the CDIT program


Last updated: 1/18/2017