University at Albany

University at Albany’s Program for Career, Leadership and University Excellence (CLUE)

CLUE Fellows


Ben Shaw, Health Policy and Management
Paul Roundy, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
Annis Golden, Communication
Nadia Kizenko, History
Yu Hui Chen, Libraries
Cheng Chen, Political Science
Corianne Scally, Geography and Planning
Nicholas Mantis, Biomedical Sciences
Glyne Griffith, English and LACS
Julia Hormes, Psychology


Melinda Larsen, Biology
Karin Reinhold, Mathematics
Joette Stefl-Mabry, Information Studies
Lotfi Sayahi, LLC
Janell Hobson, Women’s Studies
Heidi Andrade, Educational and Counseling Psychology
David Lewis, Geography and Planning
Erika Martin, Public Administration and Policy
Allison Redlich, Criminal Justice


Rachel Dressler, Art History
Jamie Fader, Criminal Justice
Leslie Halpern, Psychology
Anne Hildreth, Political Science
Janine Jurkowski, Health Policy, Administration and Behavior
Karyn Loscocco, Sociology
Jean McLaughlin, Libraries
Janice Pata, Biomedical Sciences


Bob Apel, Criminal Justice
Li Niu, Chemistry
Susan Gauss, History
LaRae Jome, Counseling Psychology
Kristen Hessler, Philosophy
Elana Gordis, Psychology
Mary Gallant, Health Policy
Karen Brown, Libraries
Marcia Sutherland, Africana Studies


Tom Begley, Biomedical Science/Nanoscale Science
Elaine Bergman, Dewey Library
Suraj Commuri, Marketing
Diane Dewar, Health Policy and Economics
Richard Fogarty, History
Steve North, English
Greg Pogarsky, Criminal Justice
Sylvia Roch, Psychology
Ellen Rubin, Public Administration and Policy
Meredith Weiss, Political Science

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