University at Albany

University at Albany’s Program for Career, Leadership and University Excellence (CLUE)

CLUE Group on Faculty Retention

The CLUE group on Faculty Retention is made up of academic faculty both junior and senior ranks who are interested in working to build on the strengths of our current faculty. They are working to establish the reasons that faculty leave UAlbany, research especially effective faculty retention efforts at other campuses, and suggest ways in which UAlbany can put into place policies, practices and programs that will help us to retain the faculty we have. Issues that the CLUE Planning Group on Faculty Retention is discussing include:

  • finding out why faculty leave the University at Albany;
  • developing strategies and procedures to retain the faculty in whom we've already invested; and
  • learning from best practices and designing new strategies for enhancing the diversity of our faculty and staff, with 'diversity' understood in its widest sense