University at Albany

Suzanne Freed

Director for Advisement Services Center

Suzanne Phillips

Suzanne Freed has been with the University at Albany since 1992. Initially the Assistant to the Chair in the Economics department, she took on the additional role of Director of the University in the High School Program from 1996 – 1999, working to expand its offerings and enrollments. She moved into the role of Associate Director of the Advisement Services Center in 1999 and was appointed as Director in January 2004.

During her tenure, the Center has changed its staffing profile from primarily graduate student advisors to full-time professional advisors. In conjunction with a renewed focus on developmental advising, this has led to an increase in student satisfaction with advisement. Innovative uses of technology have improved the access and quality of services provided to students. Attention to campus-wide advising issues has been part of her charge as well, and to this end she has been involved in the Task Force on Academic Advising, efforts to improve course availability, Peoplesoft implementation and advisor training.

Prior to working at the University, Ms. Freed worked in the counseling field, as a practitioner and as an administrator. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare and Master’s degree in Educational Administration from the University at Albany.