How-To Make an Appointment with your Academic Advisor

How-To Make an Appointment with your Academic Advisor

How-To Access and Read your Degree Audit

How-To Access and Read your Degree Audit

How-To use the Schedule of Classes

How-To use the Schedule of Classes

How-To Enroll, Add or Drop Classes

How-To Enroll, Add or Drop Classes


Steps to Access UAlbany Portal

  • Step 1: Select MyUAlbany in the top right-hand corner
  • Step 2: Select MyUAlbany for Students
  • Step 3: Enter NetID and Password
  • Step 4: Authentication with Duo is required for the requested service


Steps to Register

  • Step 1: Check your "enrollment appointment" on MyUAlbany.
  • Step 2: Meet with your academic advisor two weeks before your enrollment appointment.
  • Step 3: Enter your Advisement Verification Number in MyUAlbany, under the academics tab, by clicking on "Enter My AVN." You will need to read and check the boxes prior to entering your AVN.
  • Step 4: Review the course descriptions.
  • Step 5: Search for classes using the schedule of classes.
  • Step 6: Register for classes as soon as possible after your enrollment appointment begins. You continue to have the ability to make changes until after the semester begins.
  • Step 7: Classes saved in your shopping cart are subject to close prior to your enrollment appointment. If a class is closed use the schedule of classes to find courses with open seats.


  • Advanced registration begins in October for the spring semester and March for the summer and fall semester. 
  • Please make sure to resolve any holds on your account prior to registering for classes. Even if you have a hold, you should still meet with your academic advisor to obtain your advisor verification number.
  • You can review any potential holds you have on the home page of the MyUAlbany Portal under "Important Notices"