When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.

Jack, Puneet, Jeff, Jon, Shadi, Neil, Isra, and Sheila (left to right)

Past Members

Dr. Jonathan Marini
PhD 2017
Associate Strategist - Goldman Sachs

Neil Newman
MS 2015
VP of Product - CROSCON

Dr. Jeffrey Leathersich
PhD 2015
Co-founder & COO - Goodlight LLC
Development Engineer - Alta Devices

Jack Bulmer
MS 2015
Co-founder & CEO/CTO - Goodlight LLC
Senior Consultant - Advention Business Partners

Dr. Puneet Suvarna
PhD 2014
Technical Advisor - Goodlight LLC

Dr. Mihir Tungare
PhD 2012
Senior Staff Engineer - Infineon Technologies

Dr. Neeraj Tripathi
PhD 2011
Co-founder - Onourem

Dr. Vibhu Jindal
PhD 2008
Project Manager - SEMATECH

Dr. James Grandusky
PhD 2007
Senior Epitaxial Engineer - Crystal IS

Dr. Muhammad Jamil
PhD 2006
Founder - Thermal Eyez

Dr. Tania Henry - Visiting Scientist
Dr. Yadong Wang
Dr. Jie Su
Dr. Eric Irissou
Dr. Di Wu

Blaze Messer
Yudhishthir Kandel
Pratik Agnihotri


Seyoon Lee

Sheila Smith

Drew Van der Poel

Andrew Wilkinson

Shuvam Chakraborty

Sean Tozier

Matt Rivera

Roger Reinertsen