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Study Design

Grant Applications and Study Design

We will work with you to assemble a winning application package for grant proposals from federal, state, and local agencies. We are experienced in all phases of study design including formulating hypotheses and research questions, conducting comprehensive literature reviews, determining sampling methods and sample size, developing data collection procedures, formulating data analysis plans, and developing realistic budgets and timelines for each stage of the study.

Instrument Selection, Development, and Validation

We design and construct questionnaires and other data collection instruments, review and help select preexisting validated measures appropriate for the research questions, and pilot test to ensure the measures produce valid and reliable responses among the study population.


We can help to determine the most appropriate sample for your project, and recruit participants according to your needs. Our personalized methods tend to result in much higher response rates and better quality data than the preexisting panels of respondents which many research companies rely on.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Our researchers analyze quantitative and qualitative data using major analysis packages (including STATA, SAS, and SPSS) and mapping software. Our graphic designer works with researchers to produce a variety of visual data displays including tables, graphs, and maps. We can assist in the production of research briefs, presentations, and articles.


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