Our Staff


Rose Greene

Camille Barnes
Erin Berical
Mandi Breen
Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel Kelly Gross
Ruth Lindenfelser
Paloma Luisi
Sandra McGinnis
Gabriela Melillo
Corinne Noble
Lauren Polvere
Sarah Rain
Kenneth Robin

Chris Rees

IT Staff
John Heck
Rick Jordan

Chris Papas

Bill O'Brien

Jay Robohn

Ben Simmons

Faculty Affiliates
Frankie Bailey

Anne Ricky Fortune

Eunju Lee
Dana Peterson
Kevin Quinn

Carolyn Smith
Lynn Warner
Heather Washington

Research Support
Denise Carner

Cori Robohn

Research Interviewers

Maria Aviles

Gayle Bryant
Jennifer Ciccone
Carol Erceg
Roxanne Nagorka
Deborah L. Nunez
Damali Thomas

& Research Assistants
Althea R. Pestine
Garima Siwach

    Employment & Training Opportunities

    CHSR is an equal opportunity employer. We provide a challenging and rewarding work environment for skilled professionals who are
    dedicated to the importance of evaluation research.
    We also offer internship and training opportunities for graduate students who seek research and evaluation experience.

    There are no job openings at this time.