Our Projects

The Survey Research Center is housed in the Center for Human Services Research (CHSR), located within the School of Social Welfare at the University at Albany. The services offered by the Survey Research Center are grounded in CHSR’s 20+ years of experience conducting evaluation research, designing information systems, and informing policy and program development for a broad spectrum of agencies that serve vulnerable populations. CHSR staff bring to the Survey Research Center a wide range of expertise in proposal development, sampling, data collection, and data system design.

Education & Training

CHSR’s expertise in evaluations of education and training programs include both process and outcome studies. We work closely with the Albany City School District to inform and assess the implementation of new initiatives. We also partner with local and state organizations to evaluate training and professional development programs.

Family Support

CHSR’s work in the area of family support includes evaluation and research, and systems and software development for two statewide Healthy Families America programs. Additional projects in this area reflect our expertise in evaluations of programs designed to strengthen families and enhance interagency collaboration in the provision of services.

Health Care & Nutrition

CHSR’s work in the area of health care and nutrition encompasses evaluations of programs designed to assist and enhance the development of healthy lifestyles. Our portfolio includes assessments of eating habits and access to nutritious foods, and access to health care services, including mental health care.

Intimate Partner Violence

CHSR’s growing portfolio in the area of intimate partner violence includes evaluations of collaborative approaches to addressing domestic violence and a federal grant to conduct an assessment of one New York State county’s process, systems, and partnerships that address domestic violence and homicide prevention.

Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice/Youth Development

CHSR’s portfolio includes process and outcome studies of local and state initiatives designed to address the impact of juvenile justice programs on youth. We conduct evaluations of prevention programs as well as models of organizational and systems change.