Data Collection

We provide quantitative and qualitative data collection services that include field interviews, focus groups, mail and telephone surveys, case record reviews, administrative database extractions and analyses, observational studies, and audio and video recording. We have experience with subject recruitment for both small- and large-scale field studies.

Web-Based and Telephone Surveys
Our Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) systems and web surveys feature complex looping abilities, user tracking, security encryptions, and other features not offered by ready-made online survey options. The automated systems allow for immediate identification of discrepancies in responses as well as monitoring of interviewers to ensure interview consistency. Tabulations and data files are available soon after survey administration.

In-Person Interviews and Surveys

We have the capacity to conduct in-person surveys at multiple locations using mobile platforms. Survey staff can collect and report field data in real time on their mobile devices. Rigorous hiring and training programs ensure quality and timely data collection. Automated tracking systems allow us to monitor the flow of responses and closely supervise field staff.

Mail and Self-Administered Surveys

We are experienced in developing well-designed paper surveys that are easy for participants to understand and complete. Our survey distribution and data entry methods enable continuous monitoring of responses and follow-ups.

Focus Groups
We assist in organizing and convening focus groups including: planning the focus group (identifying the format, composition, and locations), developing protocols, soliciting participation and obtaining informed consent, moderating the groups, handling participant incentives, and analyzing and reporting results.

Case Record Reviews
We review both quantitative and qualitative data to extract meaningful information according to researcher needs. Rubrics are developed to ensure reliable coding across all cases.

Observational Studies/Video and Audio Recording
We have experience conducting observational studies, videotaping subjects, and coding the results using sophisticated observational software.