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NEAM 2017: Second Northeastern Analysis Meeting

October 13-15, 2017, Albany, NY, USA

This is the website of the Second Northeastern Analysis Meeting (NEAM 2017), which will be hosted by the University at Albany, SUNY.

Conference pictures are posted here.

Conference schedule:

PDF file

13th-15th of October 2017 (Friday-Sunday). We plan to start at 8am on Friday and end before 2pm on Sunday.

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The conference schedule is now also posted here.


Here is a PDF file with the schedule and the list of all the participants' talks in alphabetical order: PDF file

Conference location:

map  parking map

NEAM 2017 will take place in the SUNY Albany Uptown Campus. Directions and parking information are here.

For some lodging options, see here.

Banquet information:

The conference banquet will take place at 7:15pm on Saturday 10/14, in the Patroon Room in the Campus Center.

Here is a conference map with the banquet location: map.

The banquet fee is $25/person.

More information here: link.


Here is a list of local restaurants: list

Registration deadlines:

When asking for support:  September 15th, 2017.

When not asking for support:  Monday October 2nd, 2017.

Registration page: here, including the registration fee payment form.


Plenary speakers:

  • Murat Akman (University of Connecticut)
  • Lew Coburn (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
  • Raul Curto (University of Iowa)
  • Francesco Di Plinio (University of Virginia)
  • Ben Dodson (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Guihua Gong (University of Puerto Rico)
  • Stefanie Petermichl (University of Toulouse)
  • Mihai Putinar (University of California Santa Barbara)
  • Eric Sawyer (McMaster University)
  • Wilhelm Schlag (University of Chicago)
  • Daniel Tătaru (University of California Berkeley)
  • Sergei Treil (Brown University)
  • Monica Vișan (University of California Los Angeles)

Additionally, we plan to have in the order of 50 contributed talks by participants. The list of participants is posted here.

Registration and Support


When asking for support:  September 15th, 2017.

When not asking for support:  October 1st, 2017.

Registration page: here.

The registration form also contains the abstract submission form, support application form, etc..

Conference registration fee:

Registration fee payment: here.


Support for attending this meeting may be available to early-career mathematicians, including PhD students, recent graduates, postdoctoral researchers, non-tenured faculty, etc., who have limited or no other source of travel support. Priority will be given to mathematicians who aim to present their work at the conference. Members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Sponsors and Acknowledgments


This conference is sponsored by the National Science Foundation through the DMS grant #1744732 (approved 10/23/17) and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the College of Arts and Sciences of the University at Albany, SUNY.


We would like to thank Gabriel Prăjitură, Joan Mainwaring, Boris Goldfarb, Bryan Goldberg, and Mai Tran, among others, for their help.

Other students who helped with the conference organization include Roy Cardenas, James Lamatina, Hao Li, Michael Muller, Michael Natole, Tom Peebles, James Sidoli, Rob Spahn, Alea Wittig, and Neo Yang.

The conference website is based on templates written by Marco Varisco and Mishko Mitkovski.
Credit for the picture used in the masthead goes to Paul Miller.
Pictures used for the posters belong to Paul Miller and Gary Gold.


Updates will be posted at this location. More information coming soon.


Email list: The NEAM 2017 email list is now up.
For emailed NEAM announcements, please send a message to [email protected] with the body "subscribe neam2017 YourFirstName YourLastName".
To unsubscribe, email [email protected]; the content does not matter.


Conference poster:  PDF file  (size: 1.2M).


An updated list of lodging options is here.

Second version of the conference poster:  PDF file  (size: 5.1M).
Credit for this picture goes to Paul Miller.

More such conference images will be posted here.


Third version of the conference poster:  PDF file  (size: 7.8M).
Credit for this picture goes to Gary Gold.

Fourth version of the conference poster:  PDF file  (size: 5.3M).
Credit for this picture goes to Gary Gold.


Registration fee: The registration fee payment form is now live: link.


Preliminary schedule: The preliminary conference schedule is now up: PDF file


Preliminary participants' list: A preliminary participants' list is here: PDF file

Parking information: The conference parking lot will be here: map.

More directions to and around Albany are here.


Conference schedule: A more complete version of the conference schedule is now up: PDF file


Map and parking update: A parking placard for NEAM 2017 participants, including a relevant campus map, is available here: PDF file

The conference parking lot is the State Annex Parking Lot, as indicated on that map.

To avoid any confusion, we ask NEAM participants who drive to campus to download and print a copy and display it in their cars' front windows in the parking lot.

Here is a more detailed map of the conference sites, which includes directions to the conference lecture rooms: PDF file

Schedule update: A new, possibly definitive, version of the conference schedule is now available: PDF file

List of abstracts: Here is a PDF file with the schedule and the list of all the participants' talks in alphabetical order: PDF file

10/25/17: The NSF grant supporting NEAM 2017 was officially approved on 10/23: DMS grant #1744732

We look forward to reimbursing participants for conference-related expenses, to the extent promised — but not yet, because there are several steps left until we actually get the funds.


For any conference-related questions not answered on this page, please contact the organizers, Rongwei Yang, Joshua Isralowitz, and Marius Beceanu.


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