Mission & Purpose Statements

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Language and International Communication at the University at Albany is to promote the learning and teaching of world languages and cultures as well as provide a variety of support services that develop meaningful communication in second languages through the use of technology and other instructional media.

Purpose Statement

To fulfill this mission, the CLIC provides leadership and excellence in the application, creation, and dissemination of innovations concerning educational technology, second language pedagogy, global media and materials for all members of the UAlbany community who utilize world languages in their studies, teaching, or research. Therefore, the CLIC provides the following services that can be divided among the following three themes:

Language Teaching and Learning

  • Develop professional relationships with the administration, faculty and teaching staff of foreign language programs at UAlbany
  • Creation of technology augmented, language-learning opportunities
  • Pedagogical assistance and support
  • Facilitate instructional and curricular innovation
  • Leadership and support for creation of digital pedagogical materials
  • Professional development and educational technology guidance through presentations and workshops

Language Research

  • Facilitate research in Second Language Acquisition, language assessment and Foreign Language pedagogy
  • Guidance in computer assisted data collection and analysis

Technology & Project Development

  • Maintenance and security of multimedia computers and equipment
  • Equipment loans
  • Media conversion and duplication
  • Exploration of innovative technologies and foreign language software
  • Collaboration with UAlbany technology specialists