The Research section includes publications and presentations by the CAFA Project researchers. See below for additional and related CAFA and Public Defense resources.

Selected CAFA-Related Articles and Reports
Do I need a lawyer? Pretrial justice and the right to counsel at first judicial bail hearing.
Early appointment of counsel: The law, implementation, and benefits.
The Maryland access to justice story: Indigent defendants' right to counsel at first appearance.

Research- and Data-Oriented Public Defense Resources
National Legal Aid & Defender Association's (NLADA) Defender Research Library
DOJ/American University/JPO Right to Counsel Resources
Georgetown Law Library: National Equal Justice Library
North Carolina Court Systems Evaluation Project (NCSEP)
Texas Indigent Defense Commission's (TIDC) Data for Texas
NACDL's Gideon at 50 Project: A Three-Part Examination of Indigent Defense in America

Additional Public Defense Resources
ABA's Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants (SCLAID)
NLADA's Justice Standards, Evaluation & Research Initiative (JSERI)
Gideon's Army (The film)
"New York Criminal Defense Blawg" by Galluzzo & Johnson
Sixth Amendment Center (6AC)
National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC)
Justice Index
Collateral Consequences Resource Center
Constitution Project's Publications and Resources
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy: Issue Briefs
Right to Counsel (R2C) National Campaign: A BJA-Led Initiative
DOJ's Indigent Defense Publications
NYS ILS Research Blog: Andrew Davies's Blog
NAPD Webinar: Creating a Defender-Driven Empirical Research Agenda