GOG 502/PLN 504

Statistical Methods


Fall, 2014

Professor:  Youqin Huang




AS 013


TTH 10:15- 11:35 am


TTH 3:00 - 4:00 pm and by appointment (AS 215)










Agresti & Finlay: Chapter 1-2


            Unit 1:  Sampling and Measurement

            Unit 2:  Descriptive Statistics

            Unit 3: Inferential Statistics: Probability, CLT and Confidence Interval

            Unit 3: Inferential Statistics: one sample test

                                                               Two sample test, ANOVA, Chi-square test


            Special topic:  Research Design                                                        

            Unit 4: Explanatory Statistics: simple regression

            Unit 5: Explanatory statistics: regression in real life

            Unit 6: Advanced topics          



            Assignment #1

Assignment #2                        Data for Assignment #2

            Assignment #3

Assignment #4




Choice of Statistical Methods







Useful links:


Online Data Archive and Collections


             UAlbany CSDA, links to various data archive websites

             U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census data

North American Social Science Data Archives

Institute for Social Research at University of Michigan

             Integrated Public Use Microdata Series at University of Minnesota

             National Survey of Families and Households

Pew Research Center



How to Download Census 2000 Summary Files 3



Software related links:


Step-by-step instructions on using Excel by University of Kansas ACS

             Excel Introduction

             Excel Charting

Excel Function and Data Analysis Tool

Excel Data Management


SPSS website

SPSS Online Learning Resources by UCLA Academic Technology Services


MS Office 2003-2007 Converter

UAlbany ITS classes  on Excel and SPSS


SAS related links:

              A SAS learning center by UCLA Academic Technology Services:  class notes, learning modules, sample programs, SAS FAQs, web books on statistics using SAS…

             SAS online manual: everything you need to know about SAS, search specific SAS commands...

             SAS homepage: SAS products, news, join the SAS user mailing list…

             Take a free SAS course by ITS: Introduction to SAS (Sept. 22, 9:30am)

              Various courses on Excel by ITS



Sample Empirical Research Papers:


The changing intrametropolitan location of high-poverty neighbourhoods in the US, 1990-2000

Authors: Cooke, Thomas; Marchant, Sarah

Source: Urban Studies, Volume 43, Number 11, October 2006, pp. 1971-1989(19)


Housing and ethnicity in the post-soviet city: Ust'-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Authors: Gentile, Michael; Tammaru, Tiit

Source: Urban Studies, Volume 43, Number 10, September 2006, pp. 1757-1778(22)


A Room of One’s Own: Housing Consumption and Residential Crowding in Transitional China

Author: Youqin Huang

Source: Environment and Planning A 2003, volume 35, pages 591 - 614


The Life Course and Residential Mobility in British Housing Market

Author: William A. V. Clark and Youqin Huang

Source: Environment and Planning A 2003, volume 35, pages 323 ^ 339



UNIX related links:

             The UNIX Handbook by UAlbany Academic Computing Center

             UAlbany Academic Computing Documentation on UNIX


Statistical Methods for Geography by Peter Rogerson, 2006


1)    Answers to Questions in each chapter

Chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5

Chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10


2)    Datasets

Mobile Phone Signal Strength in Erie County, NY

Housing Sales in Tyne and Wear