Professor Tara Prasad Das


Department of Physics
University at Albany
State University of New York
1400 Washington Ave.
Albany, NY 12222

Phone: 1 (518) 442-4520
FAX: 1 (518) 442-5260 or -4486

My professional career as a faculty member in U.S. Universities involving teaching, primarily at graduate level, and research associated with my PhD students, started in 1961 as Associate Professor at University of California Riverside and continued through as Professor in 1965 till 1969 when I moved to University of Utah where I stayed until 1971, moving to State University of New York at Albany where I have continued as a Professor till the present time.

My post-doctoral positions following the completion of my PhD degree in 1955 and faculty and research positions in India before 1961 are listed in the beginning of the Abbreviated and Detailed Biographical Data in the first two links that follow.

My research interests are focused on the theoretical study of electronic structures with the aim of understanding qualitatively and quantitatively a variety of properties, depending both on energy levels and electron distributions, obtainable from a broad range of experimental methods. My research group is involved in systems ranging from atoms and small molecules to condensed matter systems including those of interest in materials sciences and finally also in biological systems related to hemoglobin, cytochromes and DNA.

My most recent publications in collaboration with my PhD students and other collaborators in the different areas of my research interests including some selected earlier ones are listed in the third link. Abstracts of papers presented at scientific meetings since 2001 are listed in the fourth link.

The fifth and sixth links list my past and current PhD students and Post-Doctoral Associates and Faculty Visitors.
We interact extensively with experimental research groups and theory groups both nationally and internationally.

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