Table of Contents


Literacy Matters: 
Writing and Reading the Social Self

New York, NY: Teachers College Press, 2000.



Chapter 1, Abby's Lament: Does Literacy Matter?

 English Education and the Violence of Literacy

Re-examining Literacy as a Local Act

Literacy and Change

Literacy and Individual Possibility in a Capitalist Economy


Chapter 2, Literacy In Our Lives: Contradiction And Possibility

Mixed Messages: Literacy and Cultural Context

The Misleading "Simplicity" of Literacy

Literacy and Individuality

The Ambiguity of Literacy

Writing and Reading, Contradiction and Possibility


Chapter 3, Literacy, Discourse, and the Postmodern Subject: Individuals and Local Acts of Writing and Reading

 The Specificity of Literacy

Understanding the Writer in Written Discourse

The Postructuralist Challenge to the "Writer"

Understanding the Writer as Subject

Individual Agency and Local Literacies


Chapter 4, Writing Roles for Ourselves: Local Literacies and Students' Lives


 Struggling to Construct a Self Within Discourse

Self-Interest and the Complexity of Self-Construction


 Writing Competence and Writing a Competent Self

Self-Interest and Self-Worth


 Chapter 5, Technology, Subjectivity, and Local Literacies

 Technologies, Literacies, and Identities

The Logic of Tools and the Technology of Writing

Lessons From the History of Print Technology

 New Technologies, Changing Selves


Chapter 6, "A Wider Project of Possibility and Empowerment": Teaching Literacy as a Local Act

 Literacy Instruction and Students' Lives

Literacy and Literature

Teaching Relevant Discourses

 Technologies and a Literacy of Possibility

 Teaching the Ambivalence of Literacy: the Personal and the Political

The Uncertain Possibilities for Change


Postscript: Literacy and Pedagogies of Hope




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