Articles and Publications

I am often asked what it was I did before I became a Web designer and joined UAlbany. Well, that is a fairly long story, and it turns out that most people don't find it particularly interesting. However, I have been luck enough to have some articles and short stories published. I will post what I can here.

A word about the publications- The Autoharp Quarterly is a publication for autoharp muscians. Back in the day I was designing many custom containers for performing artists and the question came up how to protect a delicate instrumient, such as an autoharp, during travel. The "Handle with Care" article arose from those discussions.

The Tecumseh Review is still published by Vincennes University. The story "Crazy Bob and the Boat" is pretty much true, which the exception of some name changing. Honestly, the quality of the writing is a bit weak, but those were early days.

Meanwhile, take a read here: