Rey Koslowski's Recent Media Appearances:

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Interviewed for segment, "Immigration Bill Up for Vote" on public radio's Marketplace Morning Report, June 27, 2007.

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"Desperate Passages: Human Smuggling in the 21st Century," an interview on Dialogue, a public affairs show on the MHZ network of independent public television stations serving the Washington, DC metro area that aired Oct 29, 2003. You can download and watch the program "#407 Desperate Passages" Go to the Dialogue program index and set subject index to "Human Smuggling," month to "any" and year to "any" click on "go" and scroll down to episode.

Appeared in a PBS documentary on human smuggling and trafficking, "Dying to Leave," a special 2 hour film in theWide Angle series that initially aired on Sept. 25, 2003.

Quest interview regarding "global human smuggling" on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio, February 19, 2002.