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"Gives intriguing new life to a shadowy character long rumored to have survived the Alamo; an imaginative tale." --Dallas Morning News.

"William Rainbolt has given us an exciting, provocative, and deeply moving novel about Texas in 1836, and about ourselves." --Robert Miner, novelist (Mother's Day, Exes).

Moses Rose is fiction based on a legend. Even now, some 160 years after the fall of the Alamo, scholars and Alamo buffs continues to debate whether Louis "Moses" Rose actually existed, and if he did whether he was at the Alamo, and what he did afterwards if indeed he did (escape? desert?). This novel does not try to answer any of those questions, but instead tells a story of courage in conflict with survival, of anger in conflict with remorse, and of loneliness in conflict with desire.

Moses Rose, historical novel. Thomaston, Me.: Dan River Press, 1996.
(ISBN: 0-89754-124-1)

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