China Diary:
Loose Ends

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Apr. 19: Albany Banquet – After waiting a half-year, I finally arrange to take the five University at Albany students to a welcoming banquet. When Debbie and I meet them at the Blue Joy restaurant, we learn that one of them just went to the hospital and another went along to watch over him. So it is just five of us, and we sit around eating, drinking, and chatting for a couple of hours. We agree to do it again before leaving China.

Apr. 21: After-Class Meetings – After my MBA business ethics class, I meet Marci for dinner at a Korean restaurant. She wants to apply to an American graduate program in environmental management, so we discuss her prospects and I agree to write a letter of recommendation for her. She has been having a helluva time finding programs, though, and is a bit discouraged over the prospect.

Apr. 22: Nordic Center – The Governor of a Swedish province gave a speech this afternoon on "A Europe of Regions - Regional Trends in the European Union and its Effects on Economic and Commercial Development." After I go to my office to prepare for my upcoming trip, then for dinner meet a group of mostly Nordic students at the Red Wall. One arrived last month for a two-month cross-cultural study and is interviewing Chinese managers. Since I leave this weekend for Zurich, after dinner I decide to get my hair cut and brave a massage. While I manage to survive this, at home I want to scan some photos for this diary. I inadvertently forget to use the transformer and something fries.

Apr. 23: Nite on the Town – This is the last Friday I will spend in Shanghai with either Eric, who leaves for Africa while I am gone, and Debbie, who leaves for home the Friday morning after I return. I spend the day trying to prepare for my two weeks away, and for dinner some of us go to the local hot pot. Later, we head downtown first stopping at Tequila Mama’s and then settling at ZooBaa. An hour later, Eric and some of his friends make it in. But it is getting too late for me, so I leave shortly afterward and we exchange our best wishes.

Apr. 24: Depart for Zurich – This afternoon, I leave for Beijing where I pick up my flight to Zurich tomorrow morning. As I check in at the Shanghai Airport, I ask for a seat in the emergency exit as I always do. The agent nods and smiles (as they always do) and hands me my boarding pass. I have been through this many times before, so I am not surprised that when I board the plane I am seated in front of the emergency aisle in a seat which does not recline. But it is a short flight. At the Beijing Airport, I wait in the taxi line fending off hustlers. But the line is long and slow, so I finally negotiate a fixed price with someone who leads me to a cab and driver. I sit and wait as the hustler looks for someone else. Turns out the cabby pays for each customer, and my attempt to leave quickly does not materialize. After finally checking in at Beijing, I grab another cab and head for dinner. But this guy is clueless and will not admit it. He drives around in circles until I finally leave his cab. The second driver is a bit more honest and tries harder, but I wind up back where I started anyway which is OK because they serve Peking duck. For the next two weeks I will teach strategic management in our joint MBA program in Zurich, getting plenty of fresh air, sweet desserts, and fondue (Swiss hotpot), but also facing sticker shock on the exorbitant prices. I will then return to Shanghai to finish my MBA courses at Fudan ... and hopefully some more travels!

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