Upon returning from China at the end of the Summer 1999 I looked for a new place. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies invited me to participate in this program. With my stuff in storage anyway and after some hesitation, I finally succumbed and moved into Sayles Hall on Alumni Quad located between the uptown and downtown campuses. This four-unit facility is primarily for graduate, international, and transfer students. (I don’t get much sleep, but getting room and board enabled me to travel to Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Chinabut that’s another story ...) Here are some of the activities I organized:

Dorm Dad

Roundtable sessions with Pat Pipino, former MBA and owner of Ben & Jerry’s of Saratoga, on being an entrepreneur; colleagues Bill Danko on The Millionaire Next Door and Jagdish Gangolly on graduate school options; and Senior Assistant Librarian Laura Cohen on using the Web to conduct research
A night at the Big Apple Circus
Judged a writing contest
Carnival at the end of the semester

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