University at Albany, SUNY

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Algebra/Topology Seminar

When and Where

Thursdays 1:15–2:35 in ES-143


Boris Goldfarb, Alex Tchernev, and Marco Varisco


Through a grant from the Simons Foundation (#419561, M. Varisco)

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Spring Semester 2017

Febraury 2
no seminar (colloquium)
Febraury 9
no seminar (colloquium)
Febraury 16
no seminar (colloquium)
Febraury 23
no seminar (colloquium)
March 2
no seminar (colloquium)
March 9
no seminar (colloquium)
March 16
no classes
March 23
Anastasios Stefanou
Interleavings on Categories with Lax \([0,\infty)\)-Action
March 30
Cristian Lenart
Macdonald Polynomials, Quantum \(K\)-Theory, and Affine Lie Algebra Representations
April 6
Thomas Zaslavsky (Binghamton University, SUNY)
April 13
Rostislav Devyatov (University of Ottawa, Canada)
April 20
Sanghoon Baek (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Commuting Involution Graph of General Linear Groups
April 27
Liz Munch
May 4
David Rosenthal (St. John’s University)