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Interactive On-Line Mapping

State Agency

New York State GIS Clearinghouse

New York State Office for Technology

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

New York State Department of Health (DOH)

New York State Office of Real Property Services & GIS at ORPS  

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Federal Agency 

BTS - Bureau of Transportation Statistics

CDC NCHS – CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics - GIS & Public Health

                        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Epi Info & Epi Map software

Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Clearinghouse

GATHER (Geographic Analysis Tool for Health and Environmental Research)  -  Map Server at CDC

Geolytics - provider of CD-ROM products integrating US Census, private and government data with sophisticated statistical and mapping tools.

NOS MapFinder - service providing "one stop shopping" for images and data from a number of National Ocean Service (NOS) offices.

United States Census Bureau geography

United States EPA's Mapping Site - for community information on TRI, NPL sites, air emissions, watersheds etc.

United States Geologic Survey – USGS Home Page

USGS Mapping Home Page

USGS EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD

USGS Customized Water Quality Maps

United States Postal Service – Zipcode & Zip+4 Lookup Features

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Applied GIS  - Schenectady based Consultants in GIS, mapping, training, solutions, etc.

BioMedware - Software for the Environmental and Health Sciences (e.g. biostatistics and spatial epidemiology)

Blue Marble Geographics  - providers of various Mapinfo & ArcView add-ons and utilities

Data Directions – providers of WorldReg & other GIS/Mapping software, data & related links

ERDAS - geographic imaging solutions

ER Mapper - Earth Resource Mapping & Imaging Processing software

Environmental Systems Research Inst. (ESRI)  - provider of ARC/INFO and ARCVIEW software & ESRI's Internet guide to GIS

Etak - Geocoding technology Home Page

Geographic Data Technology, Inc. (GDT) – providers of street networks, zip code, & other files

GRASS GIS - shareware raster based software

Intergraph - providers of technical solutions & services, such as mapping/GIS

Lizardtech – providers of image compression/processing software

Mapinfo Corporation – provider of Mapinfo Software

Mapinfo-L Clearinghouse

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AAG - Association of American Geographers

AAG's Geographic Information Specialty Group

ASPRS – The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society
(previously -American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)

CAST - The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies

CIESIN - Columbia University’s Center for International Earth Science Information Network

CUGIR  - Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository

ISPRS – International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

URISA – Urban & Regional Information Systems Association  

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 GIS Resources (Information/News, Tools & Data)

AU gisusers – Australasian Geospatial Journals from South Pacific Science Press              

Getty Edu - Thesaurus of Geographic Names

Geoplace – Geoworld Magazine, GIS related links, info, books, and magazines

Bodleian Library Map Room – Mapping Resources, historical maps, MapInfo & Digimap user guides

The AI-Geostats WEB Site  - Central Server for GIS & Spatial Statistics on the Internet

Geowarehouse - One stop shopping for GIS/GPS products & accessories

GIS Development – The Asian GIS Portal; Articles, references, events, news, and applications to GIS

Berkeley Library GIS WEB - Guide to GIS Resources on the Internet

Geoinformatics - GeoInformatics, the Magazine for Geo-Information Product & Service Professionals

GIS NET - The Best GIS Resource Lists

GIS Tools - GIS Translation Software & Tutorials

Mapcruzin – maps, projects, news, tutorials, toxic releases

Roswell's Research - Marjorie Roswell’s very useful site for GIS/Mapinfo users, maps, geography, books, interactive maps, etc., etc.

GIS - provides one-stop GIS information and resources, and has a GIS and Health section.

Geo Community  - GIS daily news, articles, software, GIS search engine 

Directions – Magazine on GIS articles, tools, data, job listings, and major internet-based mapping discussion lists

WAPHGIS - Resources and Geoweb listservs

Karnak – library research tool, updates search requests every week and provides you with new links (GIS Tools, translators, etc.)

WEB Sites for Digital GIS Data – Stanford University Library

"GEO" Related Journals – journals by individual subjects related to geography, GIS, RS, cartography, environmental, etc.

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Health/Medical GIS

CGI - Resources for Health Geographics

Iheal's - Health and Environment Directory for GIS and Eastern Europe/NIS Links

Colorado State EHASL - Environmental Health Advanced Systems Laboratory; useful information on GIS in Environmental & Public Health

Geomatics - University of Melbourne; symposium, papers, research projects on GIS in Health

Medical Geography   - libraries, on line courses, electronic journals ("A whole host of resources for medical geographers")

Medical Geography Specialty Group – Penn State Population Research Institute of the AAG

Geohealth - public health care programs by Geohealth, Inc. (a partner of ESRI)

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Aerospace Corporation

Global Positioning Systems Overview

Magellan Satellite Access Products & GPS & manufactures of Magellan Products: Ashtech Products for Magellan

Trimble Satellite Products & GPS

US Forest Service - GPS base station operations page (differential corrections, data sets, links)

Geocommunity GPS

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GIS Training & Courses

ESRI's Virtual Campus (With Library of GIS Bibliography)

UNESCO IIP GIS  - Project Training Module on the Applications of (GIS) for On-line Governance and Accessing Public Domain Information

University of Colorado - University of Colorado’s in Boulder, Department of Geography Classes, news, projects, research

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Interactive On-Line Mapping

Mapquest - on line address search & mapping tool

NYPIRG's Community Mapping Assistance Project

Scorecard  - Environmental Defense Maps for Land, Air, Water, TRI, etc.

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Interactive On-Line Mapping

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