Lakshmi Mohan
Department of Information Technology Management
School of Business
BA 361 C, SUNY
Albany, NY 12222

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 Invited Presentations

      Public Lecture on “Wal-Mart: A Retrospective on Its Growth & A Perspective on Its Future”, Indo-American Society, Bombay, February 2007

      Keynote Speaker at Conference on “BhavITva – “Who is the Next Big Customer of  IT” organized by
      the S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Bombay, January 2007

      Public Lecture on “Human Capital Management – A Real Challenge: How Can IT Help?”, 14th Zurich 
 MBA Forum, Switzerland, March 2005

      Public Lecture on “IT Can Drive Innovative Strategy – Insights from Success Stories”, 14th Zurich
 MBA Congress, Switzerland, October 2004

      Public Lecture on “Who is Responsible for IT Decisions? – Management Imperatives to make IT  
 Business-Smart”, 13th Zurich MBA Congress, Switzerland, October 2003

      Public Lecture on “Re-thinking the Net: Where is the Value?”, 12th Zurich MBA Forum, Switzerland,
 March 2003

      Keynote Speech on “Where is the IT Payoff?”, Conference on Information Systems organized by 
 Technologica de Monterrey, TEC, Monterrey, Mexico, October 2001

      Presentation on “The Data Odyssey of HIMS”, Seminar on “Putting Information Together: Building
 Integrated Data Repositories” Seminar organized by Center for Technology in Government,
 University at Albany, February 2000

      Presentation on “Decision Support Systems: An Impetrative for Public Sector Management”, Korean
 Executive Program in Information Policy & Strategy organized by the Rockefeller College of Public
 Affairs & Policy, University at Albany, September 2001 & May 2000

      Presentation on “E-Commerce” at Process Community Event of Andersen Consulting, New York,
 October 1999

      Presentations on “Analysis of Executive Information Requirements”, in April 1996 and “Prototype EIS
 System and Implementation Plan” in January 1997 to the President and top University
 Administrators of a major public university (Institut Teknologi Mara) in Malaysia

      Keynote Presentation on “An EIS That is Not Used is Useless” at the Executive Information Systems
 Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 1995

      ”Decision Support Systems:  From Theory to Practice -- The Provider DSS developed for the Ulster
 County Mental Health Department” at the Fourth Annual Institute on Mental Health Management
 Information, Poughkeepsie, NY, November 1994

      Keynote Presentation at the Marketing Decision Support Systems Conference, Johannesburg, South
 Africa, April 1994

      Keynote Speech at the Third Annual Institute on Mental Health Management Information,
 Poughkeepsie, NY, September 1993

      Keynote Speech at the Second Annual Institute on Mental Health Management Information,
 Poughkeepsie, NY, October 1992

      "Empowering the Sales Function with Information Technology," Unilever Executives' Sales Seminar, 
 London, October 1992

      "Information Systems Priorities in the 1990s," Data Processing Managers Association, Singapore,
 May 1992

      Two one-day programs on Marketing Decision Support Systems, one for Developers and the other
 for Marketing Managers, for Singapore Airlines in Singapore, January 1992

      "Empowering the Sales Function with Information Technology," Unilever Asian Regional Sales
 Management Conference, Bombay, October 1991

      "State of the Art in Marketing Decision Support Systems," Conference organized by the Marketing
 Science Institute, Cambridge, MA, September 1991

      "Executive Information Systems," 1991 New York State Data Processing Conference, Empire State
 Plaza, Albany, June 1991

      "Executive Information Systems," Eastern Region Government Technology Conference (GTC '90), 
 Empire State Plaza, Albany, September 1990

      "EIS in the Public Sector:  A Case History," Selected through a referee process for presentation at the
 DSS-89 Conference in San Diego, June 1989

      "Potential for DSS in Developing Countries," Hangchow Institute of Commerce, Hangchow, People's
 Republic of China, May 1988

      "Launching New Products -- Can Computers Help," All-India Advertising Conference, Bombay, 
 October 1986

      "A Microcomputer Performance Analysis System for Managing Human Resources," 1985 International
 Personnel Management Association Eastern Region Conference, Baltimore, July 1985 and the XXVI
 International Meeting of TIMS, Copenhagen, June 1984

      A one-day seminar on Decision Support Systems for the senior consulting staff of Arthur Young,
 October 1982, and the Information Services Department of Pepsi-Cola Company, April 1982

      "Research on Distance-Based Fares," Transit Pricing Innovations Forum, Woods Hole, MA,
 September 1980

      "Impact of Data-Model-User Interaction on the Development of Decision Support Systems," XXIV
 International Meeting of TIMS, Honolulu, July 1979

      "Management Science Practice in India," XX International Meeting of TIMS, Tel Aviv, Israel, June


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