Milne Alumni December Newsletter
December 15, 2005
(Revised for Web publication.)

by Mary Welch, '71

Dear Classmates & Milne Alumni,

Happy Holidays!

The latest installment on the A-Z Milne Directory includes the 1950s to 1977, which was the last year of Milne. I have been incorporating the individual class-year directory into this format so siblings with family names throughout the years of Milne can match up. Also, it makes it easy to check for names, including the missing, of which there still are many from 1974 and 1976. Click here for the most up-to-date version of the A-Z Milne Directory. You might check to see if your name is correct in the directory. As of this date, if it was printed out, it would be 37 pages long.

The archives and other alumni have supplied these names, but if you see someone missing, please let me know. I would also appreciate your letting me know if you see any typos that I need to correct. I appreciate your help.

I plan to add the 1940s next, then the 1930s, and backward to the first year I have, 1893; however, in the meantime, I am also helping class contacts find missing classmates through internet search websites. The class of 1946 will be having their 60th reunion next year and are actively looking for their former classmates. My class of 1971 will be having our 35th reunion this summer, and if you are interested in passing along your class reunion news, please let me know.

If I haven't added in your previous notes yet, either I will or please remind me. I enjoy hearing from you.

Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy new Year!

Mary Welch, '71

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