Milne Alumni October Newsletter
October 15, 2010

by Judy Koblintz Madnick, '61

Dear Milne Alumni and Supporters,

In this issue:

* Alumni News
* 2010 Dr. Theodore H. Fossieck Scholarship
* Sad News


From Frances MITCHELL Sherman, '52: "I live on a 120-acre ranch in Hayfork, CA. We have lived here since 1977. My husband and I raised Angus cows (40 head) for a number of years. I continue to raise a small flock of Corridale, Sulffok, Columbian cross sheep that are all black, so the wool can be used for spinning. This year I had 12 lambs, which increases the flock to 19 head. I plan to sell all but two, which will give me a flock of 8 ewes. Some are sold for meat and others to increase other folks' flocks. Last year I bought 23 chickens, so I am selling eggs to my friends. My husband Bob is retired, as well as I, but I spend a great deal of my free time quilting. Wish I lived closer so I could attend the 1952 gatherings. I've been in contact with Wes Moody at least once a year, and he sent me information of class reunions in the past...."

"This is me, Neil BROWN (on the left), and 1953 classmate buddy Ron Dillon. We just met up at the Wolf Road Diner after 50-some years since seeing each other. Ron gave me the nickname 'Lightning' early on and it stuck! Ron was earning an income as a professional photographer while at Milne and he is still doing the same. Dillon Photography studio is on Route 9 in Clifton Park."

Please continue to update me with your "Alumni News"! 


The 2010 Dr. Theodore H. Fossieck Scholarship was assigned to Evan Robert Felitte. Evan is a descendant of Malcolm A. Haggerty, a 1950 Milne graduate and Evan's maternal grandfather.


Please note that I rely upon the Albany Times Union and input from other alumni for this information, so if you become aware of someone who has passed away, please let me know. If a name is underlined, it represents a link to the obituary. Many obituaries are available free for a limited time only.

Marilyn Freedman, mother of Steven FREEDMAN, '67, and Mona FREEDMAN Hampson, '72, passed away on Thursday, September 23, 2010. Marilyn was the sister-in-law of Cynthia FROMMER Freedman, '58, and was also my husband's first cousin.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in Milne Alumni activities.

Judy (Koblintz) Madnick, '61

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