Milne Alumni August Newsletter
August 15, 2008

by Judy Koblintz Madnick, '61

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Dear Milne Alumni and Supporters,

First: Your contributions to the newsletter are not only welcome but necessary so that the articles are of interest to alumni of the various classes. Please be sure to forward both class and personal information that you would like to share. Also, for our "Hall of Fame" project, if you know of a Milne alumnus or alumna who has received special honors or has excelled in his or her chosen field, please send me an email that includes pertinent information so that I am able to "copy and paste" your submission. I am willing to provide minor editing as needed. Please limit submissions to approximately 300 words plus website links, which will not only expand upon a Hall of Fame member's background but will also ensure that we don't mishandle copyrighted material. Thank you for your help!

In this issue:

* Class-Reunion News
* We've helped!
* Sad News


The Class of 1958 held their 50th reunion July 25-27. Jean Verlaney wrote a comprehensive summary, which you can read by clicking here. Jean's closing comment says it all: "The reunion was over all too soon, and my mind has been working through everything ever since. My husband had told me, based on his college reunions, that it would be an emotional experience, and it was. We all really do have a very special bond based on our exceptional experience at Milne, and it was wonderful to share that bond in person."

The Class of 1973 will be holding a 35th reunion on the weekend of September 12, 2008, with three separate events. "We wish to invite all alumni and friends to join us at Jillian's Friday evening, September 12th, at 8 p.m. It will be an open bar, but we shall have a large room in the back." For further information, contact Peter Bulger.


The daughter of a member of the Class of '61 (my class) recently contacted me for information regarding her father, who passed away some time ago, after she found what she believed to be her father's name on our Milne Alumni website. She wrote, "My father died when I was 18 years old on September 20, 1985. My parents had been divorced for 9 years at the time and I have been trying to find out more about my past."

Since she wasn't certain that the name on our list was her father, I sent her a scanned photo and some information that I had from an early reunion questionnaire. Her response, in part, was: "Oh my god it is my dad!"

She had many questions about her father, so with her permission, I sent an email to my classmates, many of whom have responded with details that will help her "know" her late father.

Our work has not been in vain. Thank you all for your support.


The following Milne alumni, attendees, or family members passed away recently. Please note that I rely upon the Albany Times Union and input from other alumni for this information, so if you become aware of someone who has passed away, please let me know. If a name is underlined, it represents a link to the obituary. The Times Union links are available free for 30 days after the initial posting. Other newspapers may have different timetables.

Sanford Berman, Class of 1961, and brother of Lawrence Berman, Class of 1957, passed away on
July 26, 2008 - Times Union.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in Milne Alumni activities.

Judy (Koblintz) Madnick, '61

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