Milne Alumni July Newsletter
July 15, 2010

by Judy Koblintz Madnick, '61

Dear Milne Alumni and Supporters,

In this issue:

* Class of 1960 50th Reunion
* Class Ring Lost in 1976 Recovered!
* Memorial Service for Bettie Lee Carothers Clarke
* Sad News


Thank you to Dorothy Hoyle Eisenhaure and Eric Yaffee for their review of the reunion:

The class of 1960 held their 50th class reunion on June 11 and 12, 2010, in Albany. Twenty classmates, plus spouses and significant others, met Friday evening at the Elks Club on South Allen Street for an informal gathering and cookout.

Saturday evening activities were held at Martels Restaurant at the Capital Hills Golf Course (formerly "Albany Muni") on New Scotland Avenue. Spirits were high and conversation unending. Memories were swirling from table to table, conversation to conversation, and classmates reminded each other of events that one might have hoped would have been forgotten 50 years later. Classmates were entertained by the MIC MEN. Stu Lewis led the class in the singing of the Alma Mater, which no one thought they would remember until they started singing. Jeff Segel reminisced about the last years of The Milne School when he was coaching there. Eric Yaffee confessed he "hated" Milne. Others took to the mic to express their pleasure of having had the opportunity to attend. The microphone was then passed to a few others, who provided both laughter and tears with their recollections.

Nikki Genden Feldman traveled the farthest (from Sarasota, FL) and Stu Lewis was runner up (from Prairie Village, KS). Ann Wilson, who was unable to attend, initiated a Life To Date form for all to fill out. Some comments post-reunion included: "What a great time!" "Great fun to get together and see everyone." "Real thanks to all who attended." Many other classmates participated via email. It was suggested that we plan a 55th and not wait until our 60th. All agreed!!!!! See you in 2015!


I recently received the following email: "I have had for some years a Milne High School ring dated 1976 with the initials NRH inside. If this belongs to an alumna/us who wants it back, please contact [me] and it will be returned to the owner."

The writer later stated, "As to the story of the ring, I grew up in the Albany area (Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk class of 1972). The ring was among some jewelry items that were given to me by my aunt..., who used to live in Albany. How she came by it, I have no idea. I was looking through my jewelry the other day and came across the ring and realized that I could probably find its owner online, given the multitude of things that one can find online nowadays. And so perhaps I have."

She said, "I saw a Nancy Heisman Leichenauer in the class of 1976 when I looked at the Milne web site.... Her maiden name initials might have been NRH."

As you may recall, Nancy's husband passed away not too long ago, and between his obituary and an online phone directory, I found Nancy's telephone number. (I didn't have her email address at that point.) I left a message...and Nancy returned my call. I learned that Nancy lost her class ring during her senior year at Milne (possibly at the corner of Western and South Lake Avenues--where many of us waited for the bus to go home!!). And now, after 34 years, Nancy will again have her class ring!

Coincidentally, the woman who contacted me told me that "Ironically, I lost my own high school ring at our senior year picnic in May or June of that year [1972]. So I appreciate Nancy's feelings."


From Pat Costello Smith:

A Memorial Service to celebrate and honor BETTIE LEE CAROTHERS CLARKE will be held on Thursday, August 5th, at 11:00 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church Schenectady, New York. A time of fellowship, an opportunity to share your memories of Bettie, and refreshments will be offered. Interment to follow at the Zion Rural Cemetery, Route 10, West of Cobleskill, NY. Alumni who will be attending, please call Rev. Phil Clarke at 1-207-761-7020.


Please note that I rely upon the Albany Times Union and input from other alumni for this information, so if you become aware of someone who has passed away, please let me know. If a name is underlined, it represents a link to the obituary. Many obituaries are available free for a limited time only.

Nancie Stewart, the daughter of Marge NORTON Stewart, Milne Class of 1949, passed away on June 18, 2010.

Ronald Steven Cohen, Milne Class of 1971, passed away on July 3, 2010.  

Walter K. Seim, Milne Class of 1940, passed away on July 12, 2010.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in Milne Alumni activities.

Judy (Koblintz) Madnick, '61

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