Milne Alumni May Newsletter
May 15, 2007
(Revised for Web publication.)

by Mary Welch, '71

Dear Classmates & Milne Alumni,

Four items for this month's newsletter:

One, The Milne Alumni Reunion Luncheon
Two, The Milne Family List
Three, The Upcoming Class Reunions
Four, The Milne Business Directory

The Milne Alumni Reunion Luncheon

We are less than three weeks away from the Milne Reunion Luncheon, scheduled on Saturday, June 2nd, that will be outdoors and located under tents in the Milne Campus Page Hall Courtyard. Below I have copied information about it from the Milne website, and there has been increasing interest in it by alumni in all class years as time grows closer. Registration closes on May 25th, so please make sure you sign up with the University if you plan on attending. It should be a fun event, and seeing old friends from Milne, as well as a tour of the old buildings, will be very satisfying.

I have had plans to be there; however, I will not be attending. I have been having some trouble, a possible stricture in my right colon, and I will be having a colonoscopy the following Monday morning. The next Monday I have an appointment with a colon and rectal surgeon here in Maine. I do not believe it is cancer, as I have had high-grade stenosis with my artery to my right kidney that was treated with a stent last year, and I believe the trouble is a blood-supply injury to that part of the colon. I may need surgery, but if I can get back to better health with it, then I am okay with it. I will let you know with the June 15th newsletter how things are going. Thank you for the good wishes from all.

Judy Koblintz Madnick will be at the luncheon, as will former Milne alumni and Milne student teachers that went to SUNYA prior to 1965, which is when the teachers' classes moved to the uptown campus. Those who went to SUNYA after 1965 celebrate their reunion with the annual Homecoming event. Next year the downtown and uptown reunions will be combined. This may be the last luncheon at the Page Hall Courtyard. Judy has not received a list from the University as to how many people have signed up for the luncheon (both Milne alumni and University), but if you are interested as time gets closer, the registration telephone numbers are listed in the link below.

For Reunion Luncheon information, please see Reunion Luncheon.

The Milne Family List

After last month's newsletter I enjoyed the e-mails from all of you with the updates on additions and corrections to the Milne Family List. Thank you again for writing. I have revised the list with the updates. (Note: Please see Family List for the most updated list.) I am sure there are additional Milne family connections that could be added to it, and I would appreciate your letting me know of any I have missed. It has been very interesting to see all the siblings, marriages, extended families, and generations of Milne students through the years. There has been a request that this list be added to the Milne website, and if there are not too many revisions yet to be done after this newsletter, perhaps it can be added soon.

2007 Class Reunions - For More Informtion, Contacts can be reached through the Milne website.

The Class of 1947 has not let us know about their 60th reunion, FMI Jackie Mann Gavryck

The Class of 1957 is having their 50th reunion on July 15th, FMI Dan Brown

The Class of 1967 is having their 40th reunion on August 18th, FMI Art Cohen

The Class of 1977 is planning their 30th reunion, date TBA, FMI Margie Welch Nelson


The Class of 1963 is planning their 45th reunion for 2008, FMI Marc Kessler or Jim Nayor

If any other class reunions are being planned, please let me know. Thank you.

Milne Business Directory

Please see Business Directory for the most updated list.

I hope you all have a very good month ahead.

Thank you for your continuing interest.

Best wishes,

Mary Welch, '71

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