Milne Alumni April Newsletter
April 15, 2007
(Revised for Web publication.)

by Mary Welch, '71

Dear Classmates & Milne Alumni,

I hope you have been dealing well with the unusual springtime weather this year. As I write this, the Sunday East Coast storm is progressing toward where I live in Yarmouth, Maine. The skies are darkening by the hour, and it is supposed to be a storm with serious results. I hope you are safe and warm, and with good company, wherever you are.

Three items for this month's newsletter:

One, The Milne Alumni Reunion Luncheon
Two, The Milne Message Board through Yahoo Groups
Three, The Milne Family List

If you haven't heard about the Milne Alumni Reunion Luncheon, please see Luncheon. I know some of my classmates are interested in attending, and if all goes well with my life, I will be there as well. We do not have a tracking on how many alumni are interested or planning on attending, but if you are, please let either Judy or me know about it. The registration forms go to the University. The registration form is available at the above link.

Judy has attended this annual luncheon multiple times, as she is also a SUNYA graduate, but thanks to Judy's efforts, this is the first year that Milne alumni have been invited to join the occasion. Judy has done a great job coordinating this and it is expected to be a wonderful event.

Since the April 2005 All-Milne Reunion, we have both heard from people looking to meet up with their classmates again, sooner rather than later, and this reunion is a nice way to spend, hopefully, a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Page Courtyard with your old friends.

The second topic of this newsletter is about the Milne Message Board Group through Yahoo. The group offers information and news via a network of registered participants about Milne alumni and their activities. It is informal way of receiving Milne news and can provide you with interesting information you might otherwise not be aware of.

If you respond to the Yahoo Groups e-mail, your response will be posted for everyone to read. However, if you only wish to read what is posted, it is not necesary to respond. Judy set this up and if you have any further questions, please let her know. I have found it interesting to be a part of, but I have personally been reluctant to post any responses. You can join this group via the Milne website at

I have copied the most recent posting below:

From: "Judy Madnick" <jmadnick@ . . .>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 13:52:53 -0000
Subject: [Milne_School] '76-'77 reunion ?????

Marjorie Welch Nelson, '77, has joined us -- welcome, Marjorie! She is
interested in working with the Class of '76 to perhaps plan a joint

Marjorie, I have a list of approximately 20 names from the Class
of '76. Unfortunately, I do not have a class contact . . . yet. Maybe
we can talk -- you might know one or two of these people.

Also, please check out the information at
regarding the June 2nd luncheon on Page lawn (held in conjunction with
the University at Albany Alumni Weekend). It might be a starting point
for a get-together.

Again, welcome!

Judy Koblintz Madnick

The third topic of the Milne Alumni Monthly Newsletter is the ongoing Milne Family list. It has been a project that interested me from the time I attended Milne and I wanted to see it as complete as possible.

In the list I have identified silbings, cousins, parents, children, husbands, and wives, with the help of many Milne Alumni. I first went through all the Milne alumni listed in the directory and listed everyone with the same last name. Then I began identifying them with their family connection. I have since taken out the unmatched names, but I know there are many that are related that are not on this list or perhaps listed incorrectly.

(Note: Please see Family List for the most updated list.)

I hope you all have a very good month ahead.

Thank you for your continuing interest.

Best wishes,

Mary Welch, '71

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