Milne Alumni April Newsletter
April 15, 2006
(Revised for Web publication.)

by Mary Welch, '71

Dear Classmates & Milne Alumni,

It has been a year since the All-Milne Reunion that Jackie Gavryck, 1947, Judy Madnick, 1961, and Melissa Samuels from the University put together. It was a sold-out event of over 250 people attending the Saturday evening dinner. The Sunday brunch along with the tour of the Milne School buildings were both a great bonus, and I know all the hard work in putting the weekend together was greatly appreciated by all that attended.

This summer, on Saturday, July 29th, you are invited to join my Milne Class of 1971 35th Reunion Picnic at Thacher Park. We have reserved the Knowles Flat picnic space for the day, and there will be no charge at the gate for anyone attending this event. On entering the park, you will need to identify yourself as going to the Milne Reunion.

From 12 Noon to 4 PM, our class will be bringing and setting up personal lawn chairs and grills and using the park picnic tables, but there is plenty of room if you would like to attend. There are many class years that have not had a class reunion, and I envision clusters of class years making use of the large picnic area.

It is a bring-your-own picnic-basket-of-food-and-drink event. Bring sandwiches or hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken to grill, salads, chips and dips, desserts, and soda, ice tea, and/or lemonade. Beer and other drinks are allowed for those of legal age. Your spouses, partners, friends, and kids are also invited. Bring your own portable grill if you'd like to. The pool at the park is closed for the summer for renovations, but there is a playing field for softball, Frisbee, volleyball, and horseshoes if someone has the equipment to bring to the picnic. There is also a swingset, and the park is available to tour, either walking or bring your own bicycle.

I will be bringing the display I made of Milne memorabilia from last April's reunion, and I hope you will bring your own Milne items, as well as your cameras, your photos, and contact information to share with your classmates. I envision the event as a combined All-Milne picnic. Perhaps someone in each class can make a sheet cake decorated with the class year.

It will give you a chance to enjoy seeing and catching up with your classmates and those from other years. My class will also be having our own Satuday night dinner and Sunday brunch at area restaurants after the picnic, but you might plan something for the rest of the weekend with your classmates. You might also make plans to drive to the picnic at Thacher Park with your classmates.

I would recommend bringing your own lawn chairs and folding tables so you can have your own setup area. It would be nice if you could bring a class banner with your year posted so people can tell who you are.

There is no guarantee of the weather so far in advance, but we have had our class reunions there twice before and the weather the last weekend of July was great both times. I expect a pleasant event.

You can circulate this information to other Milne alumni. The park management says the space accommodates 100 people. Electricity, lights, and restrooms are available.

I would like to know if you are thinking about attending or plan to attendso I can look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me.

Please check out the new, as of 2/17/06, and ever-improving Milne Website:

Judy Madnick put this website together, which includes our directory project, and she has done a great job.

Best wishes,

Mary Welch, '71

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