Milne Alumni March Newsletter
March 15, 2013

by Judy Koblintz Madnick, '61

Dear Milne Alumni and Supporters,

In this issue:

* Exciting News! Matching Funds are Available for Our Digitization Project!
* Class of 1963 50th Reunion
* Sad News

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Support for our digitization project has become available through the University at Albany M.E. Grenander Endowment in the form of matching funds, thanks to Brian Keough, manager of the endowment. When we reach $5,000 in donations, we will receive $5,000 from the University at Albany M.E. Grenander Endowment. These alumni and supporter donations must be received by June 30, 2013, the end of the University's fiscal year.

With $10,000 ($5,000 in donations plus $5,000 in matching funds), we will be able to begin the digitization of Milne newspapers and yearbooks, completing nearly half the project...which will enable us to enjoy full-text web access of many of our Milne yearbooks and/or newspapers via searchable files.

For those who are interested, microfilming is done on planetary cameras, including Zeutschel and Gratek Congress I, and book cradles are available to allow bound volumes to be microfilmed without disbanding. Hudson Microimaging's digital conversion services provide an output as Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) and derivative formats such as Portable Document Format (PDF) that are indexed to facilitate retrieval. If you have further questions about the digitization process, please contact Brian Keough.

To date we have received $3,265 toward digitizing all available Crimson & White and Bricks & Ivy editions. If you haven't yet made a donation or wish to increase the contribution you have already made, please consider this important project.

For further information, see A list of donations is available at


The Class of 1963 will be holding its 50th Reunion during the weekend of July 12-14, 2013. Watch for updates on the Class of 1963 website. Please contact Carole Keith for further information.


Please note that I rely upon the Albany Times Union and input from other alumni for this information, so if you become aware of someone who has passed away, please let me know. If a name is underlined, it represents a link to the obituary. Many obituaries are available free for a limited time only.

Paul Vogel, '52, passed away on February 21, 2013.

Morris Sax, father of Ellen Sax, '74, passed away on February 23, 2013.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in Milne Alumni activities.

Judy (Koblintz) Madnick, '61

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