Milne Alumni March Newsletter
March 15, 2006
(Revised for Web publication.)

by Mary Welch, '71

Dear Classmates & Milne Alumni,

There is a new Milne website for you to check out at this address:

Judy Koblintz Madnick, '61, Faith Meyer Sandles, '59, and I have been working on it this past month, and we hope you like it. Judy's technical expertise and liaison with the University has made this happen. We have included links to class contacts, a missing classmate listing, The Milne Directory, and a beautiful photo and a brief history of Milne. We have additional plans to include Milne and reunion news, faculty listings, and new projects.

Milne alumni have suggested adding additional photos and a gallery of memorabilia. We hope to incorporate of these ideas as the website develops. If you have any suggestions please contact Judy or let me know.

Since the February newsletter, I have completed the first A-Z Directory listing of all Milne alumni from 1893-1977. (See Milne Name Directory.) I have not recently counted all the names, but I believe as of this date they are well over the 3,880 from the total of last fall.

Judy is transferring this directory edition to the website, and you will be able to access it there. We will make any corrections, additions, or updates that you send me. I know there are missing names, so I appreciate your response.

All class years ending with either a '1' or a '6' may or may not be having their five-year class reunion. If you and your classmates are planning one, please let me know. I have heard from Carl Eppelmann who wrote:

"The 'Class of of 56' (Hard as nails, tough as bricks, that's the Class of '56') is in the midst of organizing its 50th reunion which is scheduled to occur in June."

And my Class of 1971 is planning our 35th reunion for the last weekend in July, and we hope to extend an invitation to other Milne alumni to join us at our "bring your own food" picnic at Thacher Park or a place yet to be decided upon. By next month, further details will be available.

Other Milne News:

Dick Ingles is the University at Albany person overseeing the project of restoring the old Milne Library's murals. Judy inquired about the status of the Milne 200 murals. She had been asked by another Milne alumnus whether the mural project has been completed or, if not, where it stands. She says there are a number of people that would like to ensure not only the completion of the mural project but also further work in their alma mater. Here is his report:

"Work is progressing on the murals. We have received sufficient funding from private sources to complete the project.

"Jerry Parker was in touch with the renovators to schedule time when they could work on the murals.

"Unfortunately the work will take a while because the renovators need to be in the room for 2 - 3 weeks at a time to work on each mural. Since they can only get in there when classes are not in session and the room is not otherwise scheduled for activities, and they need to work around whatever other projects they have, it may be quite a while before everything is complete."

If you would like to contact Dick Ingles about the project, click on this link to his email address: Richard P. Ingles.

I hope you have been having a good month of March so far. The next newsletter will be out in the middle of April. Please forward this newsletter on to other Milne alumni, if you wish, and let me know if you have additional names for the newsletter e-mail list.

Best wishes,

Mary Welch, '71

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