Milne Alumni February Newsletter
February 15, 2006
(Revised for Web publication.)

by Mary Welch, '71

Dear Classmates & Milne Alumni,

I hope you have had a good month of February so far.

I have copied the updated Milne Directory below, which now runs 58 pages long on a WP format. (Note: In place of this list, please see Class List, which is the most up-to-date listing.) Since last month, I have added the years 1930-1939. Alumni from these years are now ages 85-91, and only one person from these years, attended the April 2005 All-Milne Reunion. This was Harriet Richter Koblintz, Class of 1938, and she recently passed away. I have found, however, that these years had many parents of later Milne alumni. If you review the list, you will see the generations about 20 years apart.

It is always interesting to see if there has been another person at Milne with the same name as you. I haven't totaled them up, but I know there are quite a few.

I am working on the remaining years from Milne and will add the years 1929 back to 1893 with the next newsletter. The class sizes from these years are much smaller and range from 14-35 people, according to the rosters from the archives. It will be the first time these Milne names have ever been all listed together.

I hope to collect full names on each alumni, deceased notices, corrections, and to add in any missing names. If you can be helpful to me in this, please contact me. I will be happy to add names to the newsletter e-mail list.

I have some news about the planned Milne webpage as part of the University's website. Faith Meyer Sandles, '59, Judy Koblintz Madnick, '61, and I have been working on the content, and we hope to have a presentation for the website techinical people by next month. The Milne webpage will have general information, links to other relevant websites, such as the Milne archive listing, and a way to contact us. If you have any suggestions or are interested in working on the project, please let me or one of us know.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Mary Welch, '71

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