Spring 2012 Courses

For each of the courses, syllabi are to be handed out in class. Please note that it is possible my teaching assignment could change. Also note that the information here is subject to change (e.g. a classroom could be moved).

Mathematics 367/367Z (Discrete Probability)

Class numbers 2393 (for AMAT 367) and 2394 (for AMAT 367Z). MWF 1:40-2:35 PM in PH 123. The textbook is Discrete Probability, by Gordon.

Mathematics 760B (Basic Probability Theory)

Class number 9415, MWF 10:25-11:20 in ES 146. The textbook is Probability: Theory and Examples, 4th ed. by Durrett.

Questions: Send me e-mail. The e-mail address is mhildebrand AT albany.edu (where you should replace AT with @).