Fall 2012 Courses

Please note that it is possible my teaching assignment could change. Also note that the information here is subject to change (e.g. a classroom could be moved). Syallabi for the classes are not here. Students will either receive the syllabus itself or instructions on how to get the syllabus in class at the start of the semester.

Mathematics 367/367Z - Discrete Probability

Class numbers 2288 (for AMAT 367) and 2289 (for AMAT 367Z), MWF 12:35-1:30 in ES 245. The textbook is Discrete Probability by Hugh Gordon.

Mathematics 467 - Continuous Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Class number 2292 TTh 8:45-10:05 in ES 147. The textbook is Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 7th ed. by Hogg, McKean, and Craig.

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