Curriculum Vitae

Lorretta Smith

Position: Bibliographer for Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences
Rank: Associate Librarian
Science Library SL 142
University at Albany, State University of New York
State University of New York
1400 Washington Ave.
Albany , New York 12222
Office phone: 518/437-3946,
Electronic mail:




Indiana University, Library Science, M.L.S. 1978

Indiana University, Comparative Literature, B.A. 1976




University at Albany, State University of New York,

Bibliographer for Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences 2008 - current.

Includes collection development and evaluation, bibliographic instruction and research consultation, web resource development, general reference services and program development for scholarly communications and copyright education.

Librarian for Digital Library Initiatives 1998 – 2008.

Includes development of Geographic Information Systems-based services, educational programs and activities regarding contemporary copyright issues, development and coordination of digital text projects, scanning projects, online expert information resources and new digital and/or network-based services. Serves as the Official Representative to the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Science Research (ICPSR). The Librarian for Digital Library Initiatives assists in the identification and delivery of new technology training for bibliographers, reference librarians and other involved library faculty and staff and provides divisional support in educational and integrative activities for development of new digital library and networked resources and services, and provides reference services at the Science Library reference and information desk.

Temporary Head of Inter-Library Loan July 2004 – December 2004.

Responsible for all Interlibrary Loan operations while the Department Head was on sabbatical.

Interim Head of Preservation , 2000-2001.

Responsible for financial and other organizational operations while the search was in progress for a new Department Head.

Head of Media, Microforms, Periodicals and Reserve Dept. (MMPR), 1989 - 1998.

1998. Included leadership and management of a department of 11 f.t.e staff and approximately 100 part-time student staff members; consultation with other User Services Department Heads to coordinate services within the division; consultation with unit heads in oversight of the day-to-day operations of the Department; coordination of University Libraries' services to persons with disabilities. Implemented new projects, recommended policies and procedures, oversaw a budget of $40,000 for temporary services and approximately $5,000 in supplies and expenses, and supervised resource allocation in the Department.

Bethlehem Public Library, Delmar, New York,

Assistant Director and Head of Technical Services, 1986 to 1989.

Managed the day-to-day activities of the Technical Services Department of a suburban library, including circulation (approx. 500,000 per year). Trained, supervised and evaluated all department employees (16) and planned, budgeted and directed special projects library-wide and in the Department. Worked extensively with Upper Hudson Library System committees and groups to assure coordinated, high-quality services for member libraries. Acted as Library Director in the absence of the Director.

East Greenbush Community Library, East Greenbush, New York,

Director , 1985 to 1986.

Directed all phases of library operations in a small, suburban library. Responsibilities included supervision of a staff of 5 and over 60 volunteers. Composed and implemented the library budget; planned and implemented organization policies and special projects. Worked with Upper Hudson Library Federation to coordinate services with other public libraries.

University of Kentucky, Madisonville Community College, Madisonville, Kentucky,

Coordinator of Learning Resources , 1980 to 1984.

Directed the library, audiovisual services and the Developmental Learning Center. Hired, trained, supervised and evaluated all LRC personnel; planned and implemented LRC budget. Conducted technical services, circulation services, bibliographic instruction, reference services; supervised audiovisual production, equipment booking and delivery. Worked with Academic Division Chairs of the college to coordinate Learning Resource Center services with college programs.

Librarian , 1979 to 1980.

Performed cataloging, reference services and bibliographic instruction.

Muhlenberg County Libraries, Greenville, Kentucky,

County Librarian , 1977 to 1979.

Directed all phases of library operations in a rural county for three small libraries and a bookmobile. Planned and implemented the budget; hired, trained and evaluated all personnel; performed acquisitions, cataloging, circulation and reference services; planned and implemented educational and cultural programs for children and adults.





Smith, Lorretta B. and Richard J. Naylor. Directory of Coal Information Sources for Kentucky. Madisonville, Kentucky : Coal Information Network of Kentucky, 1984.

Chapters in books

  Smith, Lorre. "Electronic Reserves Frequently Asked Questions" in In Demand, On Demand: Topics in Electronic Reserves. edited by Jeff Rosedale, Chicago: ALA Editions, 2001.

Smith, Lorre. "Interactive Media and Electronic Media in Academic Libraries: Policy Implications", in Assessment and Accountability in Reference Work, edited by Susan G. Blandy, Lynne Martin and Mary L. Strife, 229-242. New York : Haworth, 1992.

Journal Articles


Smith, Lorre. "Facsimile Transmission: Progress in Resource Sharing." RQ, Vol. 33 no 2. (Winter 1993):254-264.

Smith, Lorre and Lynne Martin. "Coping with the Hypersonic Wild Beast." MC Journal, Vo. 2, no 2. (Fall 1994). Available:

Unrefereed (including World Wide Web publications)

Smith, Lorre with David Allen [ 1998] “Counties of New York State” in “The Making of New York” by New York State Comprehensive Research Libraries Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre and Williams, Geoffrey. [1998] “Alumni Association, 1849-1999 Celebrating 150 years of Fellowship and Service” Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre. "Access to Full Text in Microform vs. Optical Disc: A Newspaper Closely Examined." Microform Review, Vol. 22 No. 1 (Winter 1993):31-36.

Smith, Lorre. "Interactive Media and Electronic Media in Academic Libraries: Policy Implications", The Reference Librarian, no. 38:229-242.

Original cartographic works

Maps : in collaboration with Dr. Todd Swanstrom, et. al. for: Dreier, Peter, John Mollenkopf, and Todd Swanstrom. Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-First Century. Second Edition, Revised. Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, 2004.

"Percentage of persons below the poverty line: Ohio 10th Congressional District"

"Percentage of persons below the poverty line: Illinois 13th Congressional District"

"Percentage of persons below the poverty line: New York 16th Congressional District"

Maps : in collaboration with Dr. Sally Friedman, for: Friedman, Sally, Dilemmas of Representation: Local Politics, National Factors, and the Home Styles of Modern U.S. Congress Members . Albany : SUNY Press, 2007;

five maps using various data themes to illustrate chapter content regarding congressional districts in New York State.

Software Reviews

Reviewer of Software for Electronic Resources Review and Trends in Law Library Management and Technology , 1990 - 2000

Reviewer of audiovisual media for Choice magazine, a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries, 1981 - 1991. Several reviews of audiovisual media including films, videocassettes, audio cassettes, filmstrips in the subject areas of literature and arts were published each year.


Electronic Publications (for the University Library)

Smith, Lorre [September 18, 2007] “Science Library Podcasts” [Blog] Retrieved November 19, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre [May 30, 2007] “Copyright Issues and Current Resources” [Blog] Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Scholarly Communications and Open Access News, author, editor, compiler, electronic newsletter, 2004 - 2007

Smith, Lorre [May 1, 2007] New NIH Public Access Policy Resources. Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre [February 16, 2007] Scholarly Communication Issues and Resources. Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre [May 1, 2007] News About Scholarly Communication. Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre [February 20, 2007] Open Access. Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

With Geoff Williams, Bill Young, Meredith Butler, and Laura Cohen: [2001] Celebrating Albany's Libraries in the Year of Their 2 Millionth Volume: Library Milestones, 1844-2001 [no longer maintained on the web]

Smith, Lorre. [March 12, 2007] Intellectual Property, Copyright and Fair Use Resources. Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre. [2007] Digital Libraries Resources. Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre. [May 3, 2007] Maps and Geographical Information Systems Sources on the World Wide Web and in Print: In Order by Category. Retrieved May 31, 2007 from

Smith, Lorre, Michael Bewsher, and Glenn Simsek. "MAPS." [An electronic library directory located on the first floor of the University Library 1993-1998]

Works in Progress

Lorre Smith. Interoperability Primer for Librarians, a monographic work concerning the basic concepts of interoperability and the aspects of interoperability most important to librarians.



"Copyright Issues and Resources" guest lecture for Ist 650 U.S. Government Information Sources, April 22, 2009

"Copyright issues and resources for online course development" workshop for Institute for Teaching and Learning and Academic Leadership, University at Albany, February 18, 2009

"Specialized Sociology Subject Databases" guest lecture, Soc 484/Z/W Selected Topics Seminar in the Sociology of Aging, February 11, 2009

"Sociology Resources" guest lecture Soc 115 Introduction to Sociology, March 31, 2009

"Copyright for Scholarly Authors: What Are Our Rights and Should we Keep Them?" March 16, 2007, and May 22, 2007, March 8, 2007, October 25, 2007, November 30, 2007, August 15, 2008, May 18, 2009, University at Albany, various locations, [Presentation for University Faculty]

“Geographic Information Systems”, guest lecture, IST 605, Information Sources and Services November 5, 2007

“Introduction to ICPSR” Dewey Graduate Library and University Library, October 12, 2007, February 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 2009

"Open Access: The World Wide Movement to Change Scholarly Communication", February 28, 2007, and May 8, 2007, University Library Cobb Room

"Copyright Issues and Resources”, guest lecture, IST 650: United States Government Information Sources, Giliberto, April 12, 2007

"Copyright Issues and Resources” guest lecture, WSS242: e-Journal Editing and Publishing, Ng, April 10, 2007

“Introduction to GIS”, LI B14, monthly, 2007 – 2008 academic year

“ICPSR” guest lecture IST 644: Information Sources in the Social Sciences, March 22, 2007

"Copyright for Scholarly Authors: What Are Our Rights and Should we Keep Them?" March 16, 2007, and May 22, 2007, University at Albany, HU 354 [Presentation for University Faculty]

"Copyright for Scholarly Authors: What Are Our Rights and Should we Keep Them?" March 8, 2007, University at Albany, DR 115 [Presentation for University Faculty]

"Copyright Issues and Resources” guest lecture, IST 605: Information Sources and Services, Black, March 6, 2007

"Copyright Issues and Resources” guest lecture, IST 714: Informatics Research Seminar, Anderson, March 5, 2007

Guest Lecture: "Copyright" IST 601: The Information Environment, Sept. 25, 2006

“Copyright Basics for Teaching and Research” [for faculty] July 12, 2006 ; Aug 24, 2006 ; Aug 25, 2006 ; Aug 29, 2006 ; Sept 27, 2006 ; Oct 20, 2006

"Introduction to GIS" August 17, 2006, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

"Introduction to GIS" June 15, 2005 Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

"Geographic Information Systems" for reference faculty, University Library, Cobb Room, February 22, 2005

"Copyright and fair use; guest lecture, ISP 301, November 15, 2005

Guest Lecture: Copyright; Geographic Information Systems, CSI 198, September 14, 2004 and March 3, 2005

Four Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning GIS workshops, 2 in Fall 2002 and 2 in Spring 2003

Guest Lecture: “Digital libraries” ISP 301 – Nov. 11, 2003

University Library faculty and staff copyright workshop June 17, 2003

Guest Lecture: "Copyright" EAPS 764 April 1, 2003

Guest Lecture: "Resources for Geography" ISP 644 November 4, 2002

Guest Lecture: "Copyright" Ethics and the Law [Project Renaissance] October 17, 2002 11am and 1pm

Guest Lecture: “Copyright” EAPS 764 April 9, 2002

“Introduction to GIS for Teaching and Research” workshops for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, twice each academic session, Fall 2001 – current

"Introduction to GIS" - presentation for Reference Department, August 31, 2000, September 28, 2000, October 17, 2000, January 30, 2001

Guest Lecture: “Digital Reformatting” ISP 654 Preservation Management Spring 2000

Copyright sessions for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, February 12, 2000, March 22, 2000 and March 30, 2000

ISP 669 Independent Study in Library and Information Science and Policy (1-3) Summer 1999 - instructor

“Electronic Reserves” demonstrations for Reference and Collection Development staff in summer 1998 and for CSI 198 consultants, fall 1998

Resume and letter-writing workshop for MMPR student staff March 2, 5, 6, 1998

Library orientation for mentors of students with disabilities October 7 and October 10, 1997

“Copyright for CSI 198 Consulting and GIS services” once each semester 1997 – current

Guest lecture: "Multimedia" ISP 201 April 24, 1997

Reading Edge classes Feb. 21, Feb. 25 1997

Six sessions, “Introduction to the Interactive Media Center” for Project Renaissance, fall 1996

"Beyond Gopher" University Library, July 11, 1994

Guest Lecture: "Interactive Multimedia" for ISP 210, April 1993 and April 1994




"Copyright for Scholarly Authors: What are our rights, and should we keep them?” invited presentation at the Center for Technology in Government, Albany New York, April 25, 2007

New York State Writer's Institute: "To "Quote" or Not to Quote: Understanding Intellectual Property Rights for Writers of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry", Panel Discussion with Paul Rapp, an intellectual property law attorney, and James Peltz, Interim Director at SUNY Press. February 10, 2007, Albany Public Library

Society of American Archivists, August 22, 2003, Los Angeles, “Interoperability Defined” panel presentation with Clifford Lynch and Michael McCormick

American Library Association, June 21, 2003 Toronto "Interoperability Defined" panel presentation with Clifford Lynch and Michael McCormick

“Full Text Periodicals on Microfilm vs. Electronic Media: Cases and Comparisons” American Association of Law Librarians, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 18, 1995.




Host- organizer, moderator and presenter for "Open Access to Science and Scholarship", With Peter Suber, April 29, 2005 , 7th in an annual series of events on scholarly communications

CIT, May 30, 2003 "Exploring Fair Use Guidelines for Course Based Streaming Media” Potsdam, NY

Panel Chair for "Researching New York" conference "Stay in Your Seat: Accessing New York State Primary Sources from Your Desktop" Albany, NY Nov. 17, 2000

American Library Association, Annual Meeting, Association of College and Research Libraries Copyright Committee session: "The DMCA: Requirements of the Act" presentation title: "Electronic Reserves Copyright Policies", Chicago, IL, July 9, 2000

Northeast Document Conservation Center, "To Film or Scan" seminar, presentation title: "Case Study: University at Albany" Albany, NY October 3, 4, 5. 2000.

“Copyright” in three seminars by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning during May 1999

"Dealing with Technostress" program at the New York Library Association Conference, Friday, October 30, 1997 - presenter

"Mentoring and Peer Support: Steering Junior Faculty Through the Tenure Maze" Co-panelist with Annalisa Van Avery, Lynn Martin and Richard Irving, State University of New York Librarian's Association, Annual Conference, Utica, New York, June 7, 1991.

"Hypermedia and the Interactive Media Center" with Michael Knee, State University of New York Librarian's Association, Annual Conference, Albany, New York, June 6, 1990.

"Eudora vs. Pine" University Library Electron Lunch series, June 13 1994.

"Searching Listserve Software" University Library, April 16, 1993.

"Ethics Times Three: The Impact of the ALA Code of Ethics" Co-Presenter with Heather Miller and Richard Irving, University Library, May 13, 1992.

"Media", University Library Staff Development Workshops, January 17, 1992.




Consultation for Center for Technology in Government on Open Access Nov.16, 2005




American Library Association Annual and Midwinter conferences: 1989 - current

"The Right to Research: Engaging students on the topic of access to research." Wednesday, August 6, 2008 from Webcast,  presented by SPARC

ICPSR Official Representatives meeting Ann Arbor Michigan, October 17-20, 2007

Library and Information Technology Association National Forum, Denver, Colorado October 4-7, 2007

"Open Repositories", January 23-26, 2007, San Antonio, TX

"Arc GIS 9" GIS seminar, Oct. 4, 2006, Albany, NY, 8:30-4:00

"Dreamweaver" ITS training workshop June 12, June 19, June 21 June 26, 2006

Educause Live webcast on Orphan Works July 6, 2006

ACRL virtual conference, Nov. 9, 2006 11-6pm

"Educause Live" webcast on E Portfolios July 7, 2005

"Introduction to Map Info Professional" Feb. 14, 15, 2005 Troy, New York

"ACRL Online National Conference Opening Session" organized webcast March 10, 2005

"Ownership and Access in Scholarly Publishing" U. Maryland Center for Intellectual Property webcast, April 6, 2005

Content Management System training for ALA web site, 4/13/05 [virtual conference]

"Getting the Most out of ArcGIS desktop" May 5, 2005 Albany, NY

ARL SPARC Institutional Repositories: The Next Stage November 18-19, 2004, Washington, D.C.

“Life After MARC, What's Hot/What's Not, and Digital Library Collections and Services” presented by Roy Tennant Albany, New York 9/23/04

Training: Microsoft Word V: Illustration & Layout Tools Feb. 5, 2003

Introduction to SAS, Feb. 10, 2003

Introduction to SPSS Mar. 24, 2003

PowerPoint, May 15, 22, 29, 2003

Environmental Services Research Institute, User’s Conference, San Diego, CA July 4-11, 2002

Research Colloquium April 4, 2002 "Creating Centers and Institutes" University at Albany

Geography Information Systems online courses (seven courses, grant funded) through spring and summer 2002 Individual Professional Development Award 2002 to study GIS

Copyright Town Meeting September 24, 2001, New York City

American Society for Information Science annual meeting November 4-8, 2001, Washington, DC

ICPSR Official Representatives meeting Ann Arbor Mich. October 24-26, 2001

Photoshop Class summer 2001

ISP 361, “Web Development” summer session, 2001

Working with Digital Audio, Aug 14, 2001 Middletown, CT

Photoshop I, II, III, IV, V Albany, NY April, 2001

"Dialogs on Digitization" Rochester, NY April 26-28, 2001

UCITA teleconference, (half-day) Albany, NY Dec. 13, 2000

American Society for Information Science Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, Nov. 12-15, 2000

Association of Research Libraries-sponsored Supervisors Workshop, Nov. 10, 2000

Discussion for organizing "Dialogues on Digitization" (NYLA half day) Saratoga Springs, NY Nov. 2, 2000

New York State Geographic Information Systems Conference, October 4, 5, 2000

"Intellectual Property Issues for the Research Administrator", (half-day) Albany, NY September 21, 2000

"Bookends" Albany, NY September 11-13, 2000

Northeast American Society for Information Science "Database-backed Web Sites" (half-day) Boston, MA July 27, 2000

GOG 160 “China: People and Places” Spring 2000

“Intellectual Property in Cyberspace 2000” Harvard University Online conference, Feb. 7- Mar. 20, 2000

[various activities of a similar nature 1989-1999]




 Memberships and Activities

American Library Association, 1978 - present

Library and Information Technology Association,

LITA Board of Directors, 2008 - current

Emerging Leaders Program Mentor 2008 - current

LITA Membership Development Committee, Chair 2007-current

LITA Interest Group Coordinator 2003-2005, 2005-2007

Digital Library Technologies Interest Group, Co-Chair, 2002-2003

Technical Issues for Digital Data Interest Group, Co-Chair 2001-2002

Geographic Information Systems Interest Group, Publicity Committee 1999-2000

Optical Information Systems Interest Group 1991 - 1995

Secretary 1994 - 1995

Past Chair/Secretary 1993 - 1994

Chair 1992 - 1993

Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect 1991 - 1992

Association of College and Research Libraries

Copyright Committee, Member, 2007-current

Program Chair, 2008- current

Anthropology and Sociology Section, Member, 2008-current

Science and Technology Section, Member 2008-current

Copyright Committee, Intern 2001-2002

Electronic Reserve Discussion Group 1995- 1999

Chair, 1998-1999

Secretary 1995, 1996

Audiovisual Committee 1991 - 1994

New Members Round Table

Reviewer, Resumes for Placement Center, 2001-current

Mentor for Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., 2007; Chicago, 2000

Maps and Geography Round Table, 1999-2009

Member, Education Committee, subcommittee on GIS Librarian Core Competencies Task Force, 2007-2008

Chair, Membership Committee 2002-2003

Association of Library Collections and Technical Services,

Preservation and Reformatting Section,

Books and Paper Committee 1994-1995

Reproduction of Library Materials Section,

Copying Committee 1991-1994

Chair 1993-1994

Public Service Managers of Microforms Facilities Discussion Group 1990-2002

Chair 1991 - 1992

Subcommittee on Micrographics Equipment 1991-1994


 Capital District Library Council, Committee On InterLibrary Loan, 2004

NYS Geographic Information Systems /Land Information Systems Metro Albany, member, 2004-2005

"Big 11" Preservation Librarians group, interim member 2000-2001

New York State GIS Coordinating Body; 2000-2006

Working Group on GIS Education, member 2000-2006

Ongoing owner of several listserv lists 1999-2005:

Eastern New York Chapter of Association of College and Research Libraries 1989 - 1995

New York Library Association 1985 -1999

Section on Management of Resources and Technical Services Board 1996-1999

Membership Chair 1996-1999

Awards Committee, 1990 - 1996

Centennial Celebration Regional Committee, 1990

Public Awareness Committee 1986 - 1987

American Society of Information Science, 1993 - 2002

Storage and Retrieval Technology Special Interest Group

Newsletter editor 1994 - 1996

State University of New York Librarian's Association 1989 – 1995, 1998-2001

Hudson-Mohawk Library Association 1984- 1995

Governor's Challenge to Business and Youth: Career Exposition, demonstrator, May, 1991.

Governor's Conference on Libraries and Information Services, Preliminary Hearings,

Chief Reporter, August, 1990.




University Libraries Elected Service

University Libraries Faculty Steering Committee 2007-2009

Chair 2008-2009

Secretary/Chair Elect 2007-2008

Library Steering Committee, 2006-2007

Personnel Review Committee 2005-2007

Co-Chair 2006-2007

Member 2005-2006

University Libraries Faculty Steering Committee 1996-1997

Chair (1996-1997)

Secretary (1995-1996)

Personnel Policies Committee 1993 - 1994

Faculty Steering Committee 1991 - 1993

Library Senator 1991 - 1993

University Libraries Appointed Service

Co-Chair, Information Commons Development Task Force, 2007-2008

Selection Committee, Head of Circulation Services, Fall 2007

Selection Committee, IST in Interlibrary Loan, Fall/Spring 2006/2007

Chair, Selection Committee, Outreach and Instruction Librarian, Science Library, Fall 2006

Preservation of Electronic Records Working Group, member 2005 - current

Editor, Continuing Appt. Review for Brian Keough

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Science Research, Official Representative for University at Albany, 2001-current

Library Faculty Mentor 2003-2004

Digital Libraries Steering Committee 1998-2004

Discovery subcommittee 1998-1999

DLSC Subgroup on Digital Library Projects 2000-2004

DLSC Subgroup on Assessment of Needs for Digitizing Services

2 Millionth Volume program planning committee 2000-2001

Preservation Librarian Search Committee, Chair 2000-2001

Signage task force for the University Library 1997-2001

Chair, Maps Collections and GIS Planning Task Force 1999-2000

Task Force for organizing the move of materials to the new building 1997-1998

Electronic reserves task force 1997-1998

Task Force on Compact Shelving 1995-1996

Task Force on Redesigning the University Library 1994 - 1997

Co-Chair, Committee to Enhance Information Services to Persons with Disabilities 1994 - 1996

Chair, Selection Committee for the Assistant Director for User Services 1993-1994

Professional Activities Committee, Ad Hoc Subcommittee for the Faculty Seminar Series 1993 - 1995

Chair, Advance Training Task Force 1992 - 1994

Advance Circulation and Reserve Task Force 1992 - 1994

Chair, Planning for Electronic Services in a Networked University, Working Group B: Electronic Text 1992 - 1993

Chair, Special Facilities Room Task Force 1992 - 1993

Hypertext/Hypermedia Interest Group 1992 - 1994

Collection Development Committee, Council on Library Resources Grant 1991 - 1992

Chair, Interactive Media Center Advisory Group 1989 - 1994

Interactive Media Center Selection Committee 1990 - 1993

Automation Committee, Subcommittee for Circulation and Resource Sharing 1990 - 1995

Chair, Selection Committee for the Access Services Evening and Weekend Supervisor 1990

University Libraries Professional Service

Organized an FCV display, bibliography slide show and publicity for the Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration, with Ken Jones, November 29, 2007

Presented "Copyright Basics" for "Not Another Sloppy Copy" training, November 29, 2007

Organized “Converting and Preserving the Scholarly Record” annual symposium with Karen Brown, Vivien E. Zazzau, Mary Casserly, October 23, 2006

Organized “Copyright at the Crossroads” webcast for library faculty and staff June 14, 15, 16, 2006

Organized a session of ARL webcast for the library faculty: "Libraries and Digital Mapping in the 21st Century" January 27, 2005

With Karen Brown, organized "Lib Lit Lite Lunch" for library faculty, 2004

“Scholarly Publishing and Archiving on the Web: New Opportunities” April 7, 2003 with Brenda Hazard, Daniel McShane and Karen Brown

“Scholarly Publishing and Archiving on the Web: New Opportunities” April 7, 2003 with Brenda Hazard, Daniel McShane and Karen Brown

With Karen Brown, organized Research Lunch series spring 2002-spring 2003

Organized “What Scholars Need to Know to Publish Today”, April 8, 2002, with Brenda Hazard.

With Julia Koschinsky of Ctr. for Women in Govt. and Civil Society, organized the first campus GIS Day celebration with a luncheon on Nov. 14, 2001

Organized "Issues and Trends Affecting the Future of Scholarly Journals and Scientific Communication" February 22, 2001, with Gregg Sapp and Barbara Via for 2 M Volume celebration

Organized "Preserving Our Rights in the Digital Age", March 15, 2001 for 2 M Volume celebration

Organized teleconference: “Building Earth’s Largest Library”, October 28, 2000

Developed Metadata Training program for the University Libraries, June 2000 implementation

Organized video conference:”Building the Earth’s Largest Library” October 28, 1999

University at Albany Service

University at Albany's Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Self-Study

"Faculty" subcommittee member, 2008-2009

Organization of Women Faculty Steering Committee, 2006- 2008

University Task Force on Environmental Sustainability

Green Commerce Committee, Member 2006-current

Garden project subcommittee 2008-current

Education Committee, Member 2006-2007

Department of Fine Arts, Visual Resources Curator Selection Committee, Fall 2005

University Spirit Committee 2004-2006

New Ideas Subcommittee 2005-2006

Planning for Guinness World Records Day/Fountain Day spring 2005

SISP Faculty Retreat 12/10/04 planning PH.D programs

Organized GIS Day Nov. 25 2004 –with planning group.

Faculty in residence Dec. 2003 – July 2007


Organized GIS Day Nov. 19 2003 –with Geography and Planning Department planning group

Organized GIS Day Nov. 20 2002 – demonstrations, exhibit, lecture, with Julia Koschinsky and Roger Stump

Educational Policy Council (EPC) member 2000-2001

Search Committee for Curator of Visual Resources, Fine Arts Dept. summer 2000

Organized “Copyright in the Digital Millennium” Workshop, October 22, 1998

Steering Committee for the Shakespeare Semester Spring 1998

University Senate, (1994-1995) [special appointment]

Graduate Academic Council 1994-1995

Chair, Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Stephen W. Hawking Award Selection Committee 1994

Council on Research 1993-1994

Committee on Interactive Teaching and Learning [Campus-wide Electronic Library Planning] 1992 - 1993

Chair, Council on Research 1992-1993

University Senate Executive Committee 1992-1993

Academic Program Planning Committee, Center for Environmental Sciences and Technology Management 1992 - 1993

Freshman Summer Reading Program Faculty 1992

Council on Libraries, Information Systems and Computing 1991-1992

Instructional Technology Committee 1991 - 1992

Center for Language Learning and Research [CELLAR] Advisory Board, College of Arts and Humanities Fall 1990



Upstate Artists Guild, History and Reference Committee, 2009 - current

Coordinated the "Don't Dumpsterize: Donate" reuse program for the Residence Halls, Environmental and Food Sustainability group, May 9-14, 2007

Directory of Restaurants and Markets selling locally produced foods for Regional Farm and Food Project – summer 2005

  Women’s circle – University at Albany, Colonial Quad: 2004-2005

Honest Weight Food Coop, Coordinator, Health and Wellness Series 2002

Initiatives for Women, Lead Donor, Honoring Our Mothers Fund, 2000-current

Academic Support Services, Faculty Mentoring Program 1998-2003

Society of Bibliophiles

Secretary Jan. 2002 – Dec. 2002
Co-President Jan. 2001 – Dec. 2001

Organized meeting for Round Table Discussion on Digital Projects for the Capital Region Dec.15, 2000 - 2001

Council of Women's Groups, Bread and Roses Awards Celebration – Certificates Calligrapher – 1998 - 2005

United University Professions Academic Faculty Representative 1997-1999

Participant, Conversation Partners Program, University at Albany, International Student Services 1990 - 1996

Reader for RISE, WMHT's Radio Information Service for Print Handicapped 1986 - 1990


June, 2009