Special session "Algebraic and Geometric Combinatorics"

The Fall Eastern Section Meeting of the AMS will be held at Bard College on the weekend of October 8-9, 2005. The program of the meeting also includes the Erdös Memorial Lecture given by Persi Diaconis, two more special sessions on combinatorial topics (invariants of graphs and matroids, extremal and probabilistic combinatorics), as well as special sessions in areas with combinatorial connections (commutative algebra, Lie algebras, geometric transversal theory, orthogonal polynomials and special functions).


Saturday, October 8, 8:30-10:50 am:

  • Art Duval (University of Texas at El Paso), "Matroid Steiner complexes are Laplacian integral"
  • Caroline Klivans (University of Chicago), "The Bergman complex of a matroid and phylogenetic trees"
  • Margaret Bayer (University of Kansas), "Shelling and h-vectors of certain nonsimplicial polytopes"
  • Patricia Hersh (Indiana University), "Weak order on labelled trees and shelling skeleta of Coxeter-like complexes"
  • John Stembridge (University of Michigan), "Disproving the Neggers conjecture"

  • Saturday, October 8th, 2:30-4:50 pm:

  • Dennis Stanton (University of Minnesota), "Block inclusions and cores of partitions" (with Jorn Olsson)
  • Lauren Williams (University of California Berkeley), "Shelling totally nonnegative flag varieties"
  • John Shareshian (Washington University in St. Louis), "Permutation enumeration and homology representations" (with Michelle Wachs)
  • Alex Postnikov (MIT), "Combinatorics of permutohedra and associahedra"
  • Bruce Sagan (Michigan State University), "Congruences for combinatorial sequences" (with Emeric Deutsch)

  • Sunday, October 9th, 8:30-10:50 am:

  • Frank Sottile (Texas A&M University), "The Horn recursions for Schur P- and Q-functions" (with K. Purbhoo)
  • Mark Skandera (Haverford College), "On the factorization of Kazhdan-Lusztig basis elements"
  • Andrei Zelevinsky (Northeastern University), "Laurent phenomenon via quiver representations"
  • Hugh Thomas (University of New Brunswick, Canada), "The lattice of noncrossing partitions via representation theory of quivers" (with Colin Ingalls)
  • Eric Sommers (University of Massachusetts Amherst), "Ideals in the nilradical of a Borel subalgebra"

  • Sunday, October 9th, 2:30-5:50 pm:

  • Igor Pak (MIT), "Something old and something new on infinitesimal rigidity of convex polyhedra"
  • Jessica Sidman (Mount Holyoke College), "Lexicographic initial ideals"
  • Ivan Soprounov (University of Massachusetts Amherst), "Global residues for sparse polynomial systems"
  • Li Guo (Rutgers University at Newark), "Combinatorics of Rota-Baxter algebras"

  • Program, housing etc. Please let us know if you plan to use a laptop projector (you will need to bring your own laptops). Here is the AMS meeting website, containing information about the program of the meeting. Information about the hotels can be found here. In addition, a web search for motels and B&B's near Red Hook, NY, will produce a number of small places that are within 10 minutes of campus. Participants should make reservations early since the meeting takes place on a holiday weekend in a very popular tourist area. Some hotels offer special rates for reservations made by September 7.

    Location: Some information about getting to Bard College (as well as about the surrounding area) is available on Bard's website. Bard's park-like campus is located on the Hudson River Valley in the proximity of the Catskill Mountains. Its forested land with walking trails provides a fine setting for this meeting, especially since it is held around the peak of the foliage season. The closest airports are in Newburgh (SWF, 47 miles) and Albany (ALB, 52 miles), both drives being approximately 1 hour. There is also Westchester Airport in White Plains (HPN, 80 miles), the drive being approximately 1 1/2 hours.

    Special session organizers:

    Cristian Lenart -- State University of New York at Albany
    Lauren Rose -- Bard College
    Sheila Sundaram -- Bard College