Welcome to L'Chaim

L'Chaim is a Student Association (SA) funded group that brings Jewish rituals and holidays to the UAlbany Campus.  We work with the Shabbos House, the Chabad presence on campus, to make the Jewish community a family for all UAlbany students.

For more information on Shabbos House, please visit www.shabboshouse.com.

For information about L'Chaim, please email lchaim@albany.edu.

The 2006-2007 (5766-5767) Executive Board:

Justin Hirsch (2007)


jh8080@albany.edu, JIHirsch0884
Dan Small (2007) Vice President djdjsmall@yahoo.com, biggiesmallz217

Rachel Serkin (2008)

Vice President (Spring)

ladydesdamona@aol.com, LadyDesdamona

Laura Novello (2007)


ln4735@albany.edu, LGuard385
Craig Messer (2009) Board Member craigp010@verizon.net, cpm010

Jaclyn Gershfeld (2009)

Board Member (Fall)

iskater87@aol.com, iskater87

Wendy Miller (2007)

Board Member

wendalina126@juno.com, WaM1o4






L'Chaim is a Student Association (SA) funded group.