Research Page for Julie Novkov
Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies
University at Albany, SUNY

You can check this page to get updates on my ongoing research projects and plans for publishing them. I'll generally update this page about four times a year. The most recent update took place on September 11, 2009. The very long and boring version of my full CV is here.

Books and Volumes

This was my first solo book, published in 2001. It reads gender into the history of the struggle over protective labor legislation during the Lochner Era. Co-Recipient of the 2009 APSA Ralph Bunche Award
This book argues that prosecutions and appeals of convictions for the crime of miscegenation played a pivotal role in shaping and reflecting the development of white supremacy in Alabama between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the Civil Rights Era.
This co-edited volume (Lowndes, Novkov, and Warren) considers the intersection of research on race and ethnic politics in the United States and theories concerning political development. Top established and emerging scholars address legal, institutional, historical and cultural perspectives. The volume explores how studies of race can enrich understandings of political development in the United States and vice versa. This co-edited volume (Sutton, Morgen, and Novkov) explores the gendered and racialized dimensions of militarized conceptions of security in a context of global economic and political restructuring. The contributions in the volume advance paradigms of security that emphasize peacemaking, human rights, social and economic justice, and gender and racial equity.

Reviews of my books and contributions to books

Shorter published works

Child Labor

Another major book project will discuss the development of legal and extra-legal perceptions of children in the context of attempts during the Progressive Era and afterward to regulate child labor. It will integrate some of the insights on constitutional development from Constituting Workers, Protecting Women with the theories of racial formation, whiteness, and the intersection of race and identity from Crafting Race and the State.

Other Projects

Book Reviews

Here are some of the book reviews I've done of other folks' work. NOTE: for good reviews of books in the field of law and politics, the first place to look is the Law and Politics Book Review, to which I've linked below. The reviews are a little longer than standard journals' reviews (they usually run 1000-2000 words), allowing for more depth. LPBR tries to get reviews out quickly, so a book isn't languishing unreviewed for a year or more before somebody has had something to say about it. Finally, the electronic archive of reviews is a really neat resource to have at one's fingertips. Update your bookmarks!