Welcome to my world as a Postdoc at the University at Albany.

This semester I am teaching IST 561 - Web Design and Development. The projects range from developing a site for a sustainable farm, to one that pays homage to a 1969 Citroën DS.

My research interests focus on the intersection of Organization of Information and Natural Language Processing (NLP) using machine learning. Past research projects have included classifying the free text of radiological reports, identifying patient smoking status from medical discharge records, and combining classifiers in order to improve the classification performance for infrequently occurring classes (i.e., diseases) in medical discharge summaries. My current research involves investigating the use of surrogate data in de-identified clinical text, and in evaluating the applicability of medical NLP tools to the free text found in K-12 student records.

My personal interests include photography, camping, and traveling. My fifteen minutes of fame (actually 24 hours) came when one of my photographs was selected as the picture of the day on the English Wikipedia.